Tank Abbott & Scott Ferrozzo backyard brawl

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Kimbo Slice famously went from brawling in a backyard to fighting in the UFC. Now history has repeated itself, in reverse.

15 years ago, when the sport of Mixed Martial Arts was in diapers, ‘Tank’ Abbott and Scott Ferrozzo had a ferocious fight in the cage.

Over the past several months, they exchanged words, and a fight was planned allegedly in an Ohio strip club. When word of the bout reached the Ohio State Athletic Commission, inspectors checked the facility, and apparently a new venue was decided up – someone’s large backyard!

A website has been set up to market video of the contest as well as related autographed memorabilia.

In the video, Tank is seen wandering around a large backyard with a brush fire in one corner, and a dog barking in the background. Maybe a dozen people or more are milling about.

Sound quality is equivalent to being in a tinfoil tent in the middle of a rainstorm.

Scott Ferrozzo ambles into the picture wearing a grey rash guard and Everlast fight gloves, and it is on. Tank is wearing SEG-era UFC gloves.

The Bg John McCarthy equivalent can be seem in the flannel shirt at below right.

Ferrozzo gets the edge initially, backing up Tank. Tank ties up and lands some nasty body shots. Tank separates and then lands a big overhand right, taking Ferrozzo’s knees.

Now Tank is in top Side control, but breathing heavily. Tank is landng short shots from top. Ferrozzo appears unphased, but cannot move much.

At the three minute mark, Tank is riding on top, and Ferrozzo is slowly bleeding.

Ferrozo rolls, and is now facing down. This concludes the changes in grapplng for the entire 15 round.

At the five minute mark, Tank is still whaling away. Ferrozzo says “Its nothing.” Both guys are breathing hard, Tank especialy.

Tank: “You’re still tough for an old man.”
Ferrozzo: “Whooooo, is this fun.”

With every shot Ferrozzo is saying “Nope.” This happens a lot. Ferrozzo suddenly yells out “Whooo is this fun, nothing like it in the world”

At the haflway mark Ferrozzo, face down, clamps down on Tanks gloves. Tank is struggling to free his arms, and is gassing hard.

At 10 minutes Tank gets an arm free. Ferrozzo quickly grabs Tank’s arms again.

Perhaps to pass the time the “referee” is asking them of this brings backs memories. “Were just old guys now” replies Ferrozzo. Tank nods and adds, “This is f—— fun though.”

Crowd discusses whether stand ups are allowed? They determine that under UFC 1 rules there are no stand ups.

An armless Tank knees Ferrozzo. “That don’t do f— I got too big a belly,” Ferrozzo accurately explains.

Ferrozzo replies with a “NOPE” to at least three  dozen shots. Bleeding, swelling, and from bottom he crows “I can’t be f—— hurt … you see the size of my head? I can’t be f—— hurt … I got a big mother f—— head.”

At 12 minutes Tank appears to go for a choke of sorts. “You can’t choke me out,” says a laughing Ferrozzo, who adds “I got too big a f——head.”

Unable to move, Ferrozzo starts to talk, instead. “This is what it’s all about … f—— pussies in the UFC, fuck them mother f—— … This is what it’s all about right here. He’s too big to motherf—– throw off. I cannot be f—– hurt. I am a f—— beast. Nothing mother f—— hurts me.

At 15 minutes the round ends and they are stood up.

There is some confusion about rest periods and overtime, but the onlookers determine that there will be a one minute rest period and a three minute overtime.

Rest period is longer than a minute.

Scott wanders by a picnic table.

They hug and the overtime starts. Tank is a little cautious. Ferrozzo is milling wildly.

They exchange bombs and tie up.

They separate, and Tank bends over gassing hard, Ferrozzo appears to wait in a gentlemanly fashion.

Ferrozzo lets Tank punch him several times in the face.

Tank gasses, and is bent over nearly double.

Time is called.

They hug good naturedly.

Tank is given some sort of decision.

Tak probably drank a lot later on. Ferrozzo reportedly does not drink.

Both men will likely be sanctioned by the Ohio AC.