Tara LaRosa names manager allegedly at center of controversy

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp recently took to Facebook to denounce an unnamed management company that is allegedly using her name in an attempt to sign female fighters.

Now Tara LaRosa and several other fighters have come forward with a variety of allegations.

Brent Brookhouse from BloodyElbow has the story, briefly excerpted below. There are a variety of further allegations in the original story.

Tara LaRosa posted the following on a women’s MMA group on Facebook:

Brett Atchley. There it is.


This man tried to have me “blackballed” from InvictaFC and StrikeForce over a year ago. He physically accosted me at the InvictaFC 3 show, and in the Seattle airport afterwards. I have proof, I have witnesses, I have lawyers, a powerful manager, and a team who stands behind me… Brett Atchley, you have nothing. You cannot hurt me, you cannot sue me, you have no power over me whatsoever. I have no reservations about standing against you to protect others. You cannot hurt them any more.

Bloody Elbow reached out to LaRosa on Monday to get additional details on the story.

“There had been a big falling out between Brett Atchley and Ivan (Salaverry whose gym LaRosa trains at). And I didn’t really know anything about it at all before I got there. But he (Brett) had stopped contacting me for a little bit. But he told me a lot of stuff about how Ivan’s school sucks and nobody should go there and everybody is leaving…Ivan is never there, he never teaches the classes and he doesn’t care about the fighters, and nobody is happy there. I ended up going there anyway.”

“I guess he had been managing Maurice Smith and handling all his sponsors and contacts and stuff like that. And he had been taking money instead of passing it along to Mo. He was taking about 40% of what had been given, and that wasn’t the contracted amount. He was stealing money from Maurice Smith.”

“Then he was dating one of Ivan’s student’s moms, and they were at a casino and Brett was caught on tape by casino security stealing money out of her purse. There was an incident report, casino report, police report, all that. It was caught on tape. Ivan saw it with his own eyes because he didn’t believe it. He went up there and saw it himself, and that’s why Brett finally got kicked out of Ivan’s gym. Then Brett went on a rampage and started slamming him and stuff like that.”

“I’m not afraid of this guy. He’s an idiot. I don’t know why everybody is. Yeah, he threatens to sue you for slander, defamation of character, libel, whatever. He can go f— himself. He is not gonna sue s—. I’ve been around for a long ass time. This guy is nobody. He’s not going to ruin my career, and I’m not going to let this guy do the same s— to other people. There was nobody to look out for me back then. Nobody knew. So if, I can help somehow…I’m sorry I didn’t say anything earlier. It’s weird. It’s like some Harry Potter situation. Like everybody’s afraid to say Voldemort’s name. What the hell? He’s Brett Atchley! He’s fuckin’ nobody! What’s he gonna do to you? Cast a spell?”

Bloody Elbow also contacted Atchley directly and offered to speak to him about the allegations. Mr. Atchley provided the following statement but did not contact Bloody Elbow for a phone interview:

“It has been brought to my attention that someone in the women’s MMA community is making slanderous accusations against me and seeking out athletes to confirm such accusations.

“I take these types of accusations very seriously even though they are unfounded, and I am currently exploring my legal options to defend my name and reputation. I will also do what is necessary to legally put an end to these individuals gossiping and creating situations that simply do not exist.

“I would like to publically thank the athletes I currently represent for not buying into the gossip and lies being spread by these individuals and being professionals.”

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Fighter Sarah Maloy posted links to the above article, and added alleged experiences of her own.

I was very torn about posting this article…I don’t want to bring any negative attention to our sport, but at the same time, what is happening is NOT ok! I was unfortunate enough to have my own encounter with this man at an Invicta event. I am a strong woman n rebuked his physical advances as forcefully as he made them. I was also told that he was the only way to get an Invicta contract or even another fight with them for that matter. He even implied that he would get me a contract without hiring him as a manager under inappropriate circumstances. I admit he got n my head a little…I mean I wasn’t able to get an MMA fight for a while n did a couple boxing matches. Of course I came to my senses, but just n case there is anyone else out there that is struggling n a situation like this, please feel like u can talk about it! There is such a strong community of WMMA peeps that will support u 100%!

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The allegations are not limited solely to female fighters. Professional fighter Nick Moghaddam recently appeared on The Underground and related his alleged experiences.

In light of all the people coming out talking about Brett Atchley..I signed with him last year in July 2012. Brett talked a big game saying he can get me big fights in KSW , RFA, TITAN FC and big organizations around the world. he said he had the connections and can get me big sponsors and fights .He never came through with anything he said and I trusted him and signed with him. I’m a highly decorated Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and pan American silver medalist, I teach jiujitsu to make a living and get fights whenever I can its not an easy living, but I love to teach especially the kids jiujitsu and I enjoy the jiujitsu lifestyle. any how Brett Atchley talked a big game and never got me one fight or one sponsor. I had to get my fights and sponsors on my own this past year . He told me I’m not good enough to fight In the big shows and sponsors are not interested in sponsoring me and I need to fight more and build my record. I have already fought on a big stage in Bellator and I am good enough. Brett wasted a year of my career with lies about getting me fights and sponsors . He did nothing for me all year long he is a liar and this needs to be exposed. Fighters are the hardest working people out there and its bulls— there are scumbag managers that think they are god doing this to fighters. I’m so happy my contract with Brett is coming to an end. I know I’m good enough to fight on the big shows and have recently been contacted by a new manager and am most likely going to bellator now. Check out my fights on YouTube knocking guys out submitting guys all my wins are by submission or KO. It a shame that thre are scumbag managers in the sport and promotors should blackball these managers that are doing this get this guy out of MMA. Brett called me 5/16/2013 and told me if i lose my next fight i will be teaching jiujitsu and wrestling the rest of my life but I love to teach and that’s what I want to do any ways . He said if I win he can get me a fight in KSW June 7 for big money. If I lose he can’t get me the fight he has been blowing smoke up my ass all year and I’m tired of his BS. I fought a tough fight this past sat and i lost a decision but I have many good fights ahead of me and I know it. Fighters beware of scumbag managers like Brett Atchley.

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