Tatame says resellers had UFC Rio tix ‘scheme’

Monday, June 20, 2011

The thousands of tickets available for UFC Rio sold out in only 74 minutes last Friday night. There were 14,000 tickets sold through website Ingresso.com, and it made many people mad, as they couldn’t get their own ticket due to the congestion on the website. But the exchange dealers were fast enough to get their tickets for the event, which will happen on August 27th.

If thousands MMA fans were let down for not having bought their tickets for the most anticipated event of the year, the same can’t be said about this dealers, who will make a lot of money with UFC Rio. TATAME’s crew got in touch with two of them. The first one is selling tickets for the most expensive section, the premier octagon (R$1.600), for R$3 thousand (around USD$1.500), earning 87,5% of the ticket’s cost.

The tickets for the cheapest place (R$275), will be sold for R$1 thousand, 263,6% over the official price. According to him, the tickets were bought through a ‘scheme’ and he claims that they already bought it with a little agio*. The second dealer has tickets only for the most expensive place, with the identical price of his ‘buddy’: R$3 thousand.

The pre-sales for UFC Rio, exclusive to HSBC clients, started last Thursday, and it went off in 40 minutes. Friday, the 14 thousand tickets lasted 1h and 14 minutes. According to Ingresso.com, 2.629 tickets were not sold and won’t be, since there’ll be installed six big screens at the Arena on August 27th.

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*Websters online defines ‘Agio’ as the difference in price between the stated price of a  good or commodity (often currency) and its actual value.