Tavares: There’s no such thing as overtraining

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The cancellation of this past month’s UFC 151 event resulted in a financial hit for Thiago Tavares.

But he’s willing to eat the costs since it provided more time to train for his rescheduled bout at Friday’s UFC on FX 5 event.

“There’s no such thing as overtraining,” he told MMAjunkie.com. “You can’t train too much. Whoever came up with that is a liar. If one trains too much, does one become too good or too fast?”

The shift to the later date came at a cost, he said.

“The problem was a financial one,” he said. “I had already purchased five flights for my team. The UFC pays for some of them, but not all. I purchased four tickets for my team, and one for my father, to be more exact. Even though the airline credited us for canceling our trip, they docked us 30 percent (of the ticket prices). That translates into a few thousand dollars.”

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