Team Tinfoil Hat sees a work in Silva vs. Weidman

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Some number of the sport’s “fans” are pondering whether Weidman vs. Silva was a work or a fix (a work is a contest in which both fighters know the pre-determined outcome; in a fix, only one is aware).


The same great thinkers identified a conspiracy during the main event of UFC on FX 8 back in May, in which Luke Rockhold is believed to have nodded discretely, setting up the kick from Vitor Belfort.

Perhaps the conspiracy theorists reached the conclusion due to a misreading of the poor broadcast quality that results from streaming video to your ham radio.

UFC President Dana White has a term for people who think Saturday’s UFC 162 headliner was fixed. It is not ‘tinfoil hat’, it is ‘f—ing idiot’.

“It happened so fast – and some of you said it, and I was thinking the same thing – ‘What just happened?'” said UFC president Dana White after UFC 162. “Was he goofing around? Is he still goofing around when he’s down and he’s getting ready to pull guard?’ Then they show that replay, and you just see him get clipped, and his eyes just roll back in his head.”

“Yeah, the fix is in, you f—ing idiots.”

“That’s one of the things that makes combat sports and this sport so exiting. When two guys go in there, anything can happen. And to go out like that – goofing around and doing all the s— he did and then to get clipped?

“Did you look around that arena tonight when he f—ing lost? The whole f—ing place was like going, ‘Holy s—!’ People were clapping and cheering. I’ve got a buddy from Boston who’s down in Huntington Beach right now, and he said the streets were loaded with people out in the streets just yelling and screaming and going crazy. Imagine what it was like in Brazil, what it was like Brazil when the dude lost. This is just one of those moments where people are just f–ing going crazy. Anderson Silva lost tonight. That’s just one of those crazy moments.”

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