Teixeira: ‘Every phenom goes down one day’

Monday, September 16, 2013

Glover Teixiera is most likely the next person to contend for the light heavyweight title, whether it be versus Jon Jones or Alexander Gustafson. Teixeira is prepared and knows its just a matter of time before Jones loses and he will glady be the guy to beat him if he gets a shot:

“Jon Jones is at the top for a long time, can’t say enough about him,” he said. “But I have to take this belt from him. Every phenom goes down one day.”

From the other side of it, despite Teixeira’s first-round win over Bader, Jones didn’t seem overly impressed with his performance.

“I don’t mind people thinking I’m going to lose, just come at me with something logical,” Jones tweeted after the fight.

When asked about Teixeira’s style, “Bones” compared Teixeira to one of his last challengers.

“I think he’s a lot like ‘Rampage,’ just with better grappling,” he said.

Not that Teixeira is too worried about Jones’ opinion.

“My style may look like Rampage’s, but you can be sure that I’m hungrier than Rampage to win,” he said. “This is my moment. I’m very happy for this opportunity and I will get this belt.”

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