Teixeira: Maldonado fight stopped early

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

At UFC 153 Glover Teixeira hit Fabio Maldonado so hard so often that fans of both fighters wanted it stopped. Mercifully, a cageside physician stopped it after the second round, against Maldonado’s wishes. In an interview with OGlobo’s SporTV, Teixeira said he also thought the fight should not have been stopped.

“It was a great fight. I knew that Maldonado was a tough guy, very hard. I was even surprised that he fall early in the first, but then I was also surprised he lasted so long and continued fighting on the ground… He’s a guy I like, who I did not want to hurt either.

“I did not think the judges should have stopped it, it is difficult to say. I saw that he was hurt, a few times I saw the white of his eyes, but at all times he was fighting back, so he was not out.”

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Maldonado recovered from the fight in a hospital bed.