Teixeira: Rampage is ‘clueless’

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Teixeira hopes he is the one to bring an end to Jones reign over the light-heavyweight division, but for now he wants more fights under his belt to gain experience.

“I’ll have to talk to me, man (laughs),” Teixeira said. “I hope it is me, but at the moment I’m doing some fights to get more experience. I learned a lot with this fight against Maldonado. Even with the victory, learned a lot. I have to learn more and gain experience to enter the Octagon [against Jones]. One day, I will get there. I’m going to work, doing my best to get there.”

After Teixeira defeated Fabio Maldonado at UFC 153, his former UFC 153 opponent Quinton Jackson immediately took to twitter and asked UFC president Dana White to once again schedule him against Teixeira. Jackson originally pulled out his bout with Teixeira after he suffered an elbow injury.

Dana White responded “sounds good bro.”

“Whatever the UFC wants,” Teixeira said. “Rampage is an idol of the sport and good when he trains. It is a fight that will be hard, but I will be ready for him. I’m always ready to fight and I will beat this guy. He is talking about he will destroy me, fighting with two guys in the night. He lost to Forrest Griffin and talking he will fight with Griffin and me on the same night? So I say, this guy is clueless.”

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