The Immortal AMA: Matt Brown

Friday, August 08, 2014

#5 ranked UFC welterweight Matt “The Immortal” Brown, and UGer since 2006, recently did a UG AMA that is easily one of the best in the history of the site.

From: theimmortal
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Thinking I'll do an AMA on here this evening or tomorrow. What y'all think?

From: theimmortal
I'm actually at the dr right now to see if nose was broken. Sitting in the waiting room. So I'll answer questions until they call me.

What happened to your hand when you but lawler and should it out.

From: theimmortal
Just went to the dr yesterday. Torn ligament in the hand. I'll have more info in a week or so

F ah G
Howtehfuck did you understand the question you answered?

From: theimmortal
The Fuck?… I don't know

Tad Ghostal
Would you talk shit about a guy just to hype a fight? If so, please start talking shit about Nick Diaz.

From: theimmortal
No. What you see of me in public is what you see of me in private. In private if someone talks shit to me I punch them without speaking.

Since you're famous, wouldn't you be afraid of a lawsuit?

From: theimmortal
Yes, but more afraid of losing my pride/integrity

William Colosimo
1) Lets say someones not talking shit but staring you down/mean mugging you in line somewhere. Do you ignore it?
2) What comedians or movies make you laugh?

From: theimmortal
1. Case by case scenario. In general, no, I do not ignore it. Never happened to me though so can't say for sure.
2. Dave Chappelle is the funniest ever imo. Bert Kreischer. Katt Williams. Ron White. Bill Burr.

Did the TUF producers hook you up with free dip?

From: theimmortal
Yes. But I have recently quit. After almost 20 years.

Vic Vinegar
What do you like better, tits or ass?

From: theimmortal
Both. As long as they're my wife's.   

Speaking of your wife, what type of race car didn't she let you buy?

From: theimmortal
Lotus Elise

Matt, your aggressiveness in your approach to fighting seems natural. Would you say this is part of your personality or learned/trained? Where does it come from?

From: theimmortal
A little bit of both. I think it mainly comes down to what your ultimate purpose is for fighting. My purpose is beyond just a paycheck or fame. So I like to fight and see who is better. If you are better maybe you'll win. If not then you'll have one of the worst days of your life.

UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler
Matt, I read that you were less than thrilled with your performance after the loss which I can kind of understand given the loss regardless of the performance. My question is, at the end of the fight, did you have anything left to give? Do you feel there is anything you could've done better or differently?

From: theimmortal
Yes I feel I could have done a lot differently. I don't feel I had anything left to give tho. So I can be content and sleep at night.

UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler
Any insight you could give us on what you think you could've done better or are you saving that for the rematch? Not enough head movement, not enough time in the pocket, etc? I also hate to pile onto the bandwagon, but did he hit as hard as you thought, harder, or not quite as hard as you expected?

From: theimmortal
I think I could have been more consistent with my attack. Robbie did a good job of slowing down my momentum every time it got going which I attribute to his skill and experience.

When you watch your fight with Lawler, do you think you could have finished him when you had him hurt in the first round, or do you wish you had gone after him more at that point or when you had him on the ground?

From: theimmortal
I don't get into things like that. It's irrelevant. I just want to see the technical mistakes and fix them. A fight is a “feel” thing. Can't judge yourself on something you felt at a certain moment.

DC or JONES and why…..?

From: theimmortal
I think jones is the best fighter of our generation. DC is exactly the style to beat him tho. Even the best can lose. This fight reminds me of Ali Frazier. I have no pick.

Who are you looking at now to fight. Would t wood interest you. I think it's a good match up

From: theimmortal
Too soon. Haven't thought about it. I'm focusing on recovery and family time at the moment. And of course giving back to the fans with AMA's

BirdWatcher – Looking back on the training that has got you this far do you wish you would of chosen an alternate path? Say starting off with wrestling instead of JJ or spend more time working towards a tkd bb or something? Very impressed when guys like yourself can balance a family and a successful pro fighting career.

From: theimmortal
No I am content with my path. Had I wrestled in college I feel I would be burnt out at this point for example

Has the UFC ever asked you to shave your chest hair?

From: theimmortal
Are you trying to say something sir?

Do you think 50% of your badass-ness comes directly from your chest hair?

From: theimmortal
At least 50%

Huge fan Matt, never miss a fight.
It's obvious that a lot of fighters remove their body hair for a fight but you still rock an impressive chest mane. Do you see any advantages or disadvantages in this in either the fight, training or recovery?
Thanks for the entertainment. You're a warrior.

From: theimmortal
Only on the UG could a pro fighter come on and do an AMA and get 100 questions about his grooming habits haha…. No advantage/disadvantage just some goddamn chest hair


From: theimmortal
On to the doctor. Will return this evening and spend time answering as many as I can.

From: justinthevikingwren
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What do you and your wife/family enjoy doing for family time?

It's awesome seeing this. I had a great Bjj'er named Brad Rehor (RIP 2006) give me some advice one time that really helped me… after he passed away and when I found myself living as a depressed, drunk, drug addict.

Brad said, “The three most important things in life are faith, family, and friends… In that order. and if you have to throw in a fourth, it's fighting.”

He then told me my order was jacked up. That fighting was my number one… And the rest was out of order or non-exisitent.

My order was fighting first, friends second, family relationships were toxic so I had hardly none, and had zero faith. Anyways, Brad told me my life was gonna crumble because of it, it did, and then his words came back to me after The Ultimate Fighter and my life was in a disaster…

Anyways LONG spill… It's just really cool to see you care about your wife and family. That is where my question was birthed from.

Bless you to you and your family bro, and best of luck with your career and anything else you ever set out to do.

You are an absolute animal, a fierce warrior in that cage. I hope one day we see you wearing that good strap around your waist.

Much love from Eastern Congo

From: theimmortal
Much respect for your work in the Congo sir
ME and my family do mainly outdoor things. biking, hiking, fishing, camping, etc

Tenor still 10ing
1. In 2010 and 2011, you had a rough stretch in the UFC. Then you went on an amazing undefeated run through the roster during the next 2 and a half years. Was there anything that you believe made the difference in your performances between those two very different stretches of your UFC career? Or was it a matter of evolving skills and merely improving as a mixed martial artist?
2. Has anyone hit you harder than Robbie?
3. What percentage of a fighter's earnings go directly to training expenses?
4. Do fighters bet on the fights? Do you?

From: theimmortal
1. Lots of factors. I contribute a huge amount to Westside and working with Louie and building some of my own fitness equipment. I'll be manufacturing the equipment soon under the name ICE or Immortal Combat Equipment
2. I don't believe so
3. Around 30%
4. No

What are your thoughts on the current U.S. border situation and the influx of all these illegal children without parents?

From: theimmortal
Very sad. I hope someone smarter than me comes up with a solution.

Have you missed having Beecher in your corner? the other guys are great, but I'm wondering if you would have preferred the consistency.

From: theimmortal
I love Beecher. He has contributes immensely to my success. Life changes all the time for everyone and you gotta deal with what you got.

At any of these moments were you ever thinking about a forehead nudge, throat push, pushing media types out of your way or possibly throwing a shoe?

From: theimmortal
Haha…. Ecery single time actually

Matt I seriously love the fact you're doing an AMA for us UGers. You love your fans and I see that.
My question to you is… Would you ever do a UG special and give us a specific UG team Matt Brown signed shirt? I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Just curious, thank you for doing this AMA and I can't wait to see you back in that cage beating some fucking ass! All the best Matt, hope your hand is also on track to a speedy recovery!

From: theimmortal
Absolutely. You design it lets do it

What are your thoughts on Anderson Silva vs nick Diaz both as the fight and just the hype of the fight?

From: theimmortal
I think this fight has the potential to be crazy fireworks or a one sided beatdown. No real in between here I don't think.

Karl Olsson
I think i heard several times that at one point in your life you were competing as a bodybuilder? If this is correct, were did all that muscle go? And also, if correct, can we have a picture of said Matt as a BB 🙂 If im all wrong you atleast get to call me a dumbass and i get to say i enjoy seeing you fight.

From: theimmortal
I never competed in bodybuilding I just “trained bodybuilding” (if that is a thing). Someone misquoted me and put it on wikipedia

What's your favourite sports excluding combat ones?

From: theimmortal
Racing. All kinds. Favorite would be moto gp.
I really dislike team sports and especially ball sports.

In an interview I saw leading up to the Lawler fight you said you trained for the fight in your proverbial back yard just to prove that training old school was better than this new way of 'smart training'. In retrospect, do you think that was the best option?

From: theimmortal
Good question. The point that I am trying to get across with that is my distaste for the majority of mma training today. I will go into depth about this on my podcast, Legit Man Shit, and will have to keep it short on here for now due to the number of questions. Basically, lots of guys are out there training like pussies and using “overtraining” and “cns overload” etc to get out of training. When it's time to train I forget about all that bs and do the work until it's done.

I do think it was the best option.

Very cool that you're doing this. How do you feel about what happened at the presser yesterday? Do you think it damages the sport or do you think the hyper outweighs the potential damage it could have caused? Also thanks for all the great fights over the years!

From: theimmortal
I enjoy it. I don't worry about the damage. Their will always be dumbass pc pussies out there. Fuck em

Can you detail some of your work at Westside Barbell? Does it involve speed training, bands, chains, etc?
How does your training differ from a powerlifter's? I'm guessing not as much as one would think since Louie Simmon's methods involve moving moderate weight quickly rather than only lifting heavy.
Also, if every fighter fought like you, MMA would be the most popular sport in the world.

From: theimmortal
Wish I had the time to go through all of this. I will be detailing some of the training theories on our podcast. As for now I could say that the majority of the training is GPP (general physical preparation) and injury prevention. The only time I have been injured since I started going there was when I herniated the disks in my back and I hadn't been to Westside in over a month when that happened.

You have a seek and destroy fan friendly style. Are you ever concerned that it may come back to haunt you healthwise in the future? Especially since you have young children?

From: theimmortal
To be honest I've never put a lot of thought into it. My wife definitely does.

Would you like to see any changes to the Unified Rules. And if so, what exactly? ONE FC currently allows soccer kicks, grounded knees, AND elbows (unlike Pride which banned elbows). I think your aggressive style would shine under this ruleset.

From: theimmortal
I don't like rules. Especially for a fight. I think the only necessary rules are those that keep the fight clean (nut shots, eye gouges, etc)

I was a junkie, too. Clean for 7 years.
P.s. you're a badass

From: theimmortal
Good work brother keep on it

What is your greatest accomplishment in your life?

From: theimmortal
Overcoming almost every drug/alcohol addiction I have ever had. There has been multiple

MMA Playwright
Hard to picture Pete Spratt beating you, but I saw on your record he got a W over you several years ago. How did that fight go down?

From: theimmortal
I fought him in Fort Worth on a show that appeared to me to be a showcase for Texas fighters. I was brought in as a sheep for the wolf. I beat him. 100%. Even people in the crowd wearing his shirt told me I won.

The Tiger Man
Lately there seems to be a lot of discussion about hard sparring and head injuries.
How often do you spar hard?
People keep making a big deal about joining a big camp and I heard this mentioned after your loss. Any plans to train with a big team?

From: theimmortal
I rarely spar hard. I spar a lot but rarely hard. Maybe once a month.
I have exceptional coaches. Better than any big team.

During what stage of your career we're you able to fight as your only/main source of income? Pre UFC? Halfway through your time in the UFC? What type of jobs did you work up to that point? I apologize if that's too personal of a question. Also, how many amateur fights did you have if any? Thanks.

From: theimmortal
I had a job all the way up until TUF. I was single with no kids so I was able to survive off of fighting income on TUF and beyond.
I had 15 amateur fights including those sanctioned and not. Most sites I've seen only list one lol

Which fighter/fighting style do you dig the most currently in the ufc? (aside from yourself)
Also what was the toughest time for you in your career?

From: theimmortal
Jon Jones and Demetirous Johnson
After I lost 4 out of 5 a few years back.

growing up, were you the toughest kid on the block? you seem like that dude.

From: theimmortal
I wasn't. I was respected because kids knew if they messed with me I would fight back even if it meant me taking a beating. I grew up in a very very small town tho lol

Weidmans Pet Dragon
How do you think a rematch with Dong Hyun Kim will turn out ?

From: theimmortal
Never know how any fight will turn out. I hope I would win

Pancakes or waffles?

From: theimmortal
Plain: Waffles
With chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream, etc: pancakes

What happened with the weight cut?

From: theimmortal
I misjudged the timing. I knew I had 2 pounds left and called Bert and said “My coach will give me a ride to the weigh in and I'll be on weight I promise”. Bert said no we need you there now. I should have started cutting an hour earlier. Was a dumb amateur mistake on my part.

Outlaw'd by Lytle
If you truly were immortal and possessed God like powers, what would you change about the world today?

From: theimmortal
Get rid of humans

You're a badass.
Wait that's not a question…
If you could pick only two martial arts to use and train again, which would you pick?

From: theimmortal
Muay Thai and wrestling

Who is the best ground grappler u ever trained with

From: theimmortal
Drysdale…. Or My coach Rodrigo Botti… Or Matt Hume

What is your favorite submission? And just wanted to say you have the best clinch game in mma

From: theimmortal

What's up Matt! Man your story really helped a lot of people,me included,thanks.That must have been a moment in time at that damage plan gig,RIP DIMe,I saw you playing guitar on the buildup to the lawler fight and was curious about your guitar rig guitar,amp,n effects .thanks.

From: theimmortal
My old setup was a Jackson flying V, Crate amp, I can't remember the model, and my distortion pedal was an Ibanez Overdrive. At the moment I just have an ESP guitar and MArshall practice amp. Nothing special

Nick Diaz Fan
I've heard you enjoy the strength and conditioning training what are your one rep maxes for bench,deadlift and squat?

From: theimmortal
I have only maxed out on deadlift in the past few years. Last time was 545. I haven't maxed out bench or squat for years

Who's the one guy in the UFC that you haven't fought before that you'd love to fight (other than Hendricks for the belt)?

From: theimmortal
No one in particular. Ideally I could fight every man in the UFC

What would you be doing with your life if you weren't fighting?

From: theimmortal
Ideally? Mercenary

The Brotorious B.I.G
Was robbie the toughest fight of your career, if not, who?
How did you prepare for 5 rounds, as to the best of my knowledge you have never gone five rounds before? Did you even expect a five rounder?
Where do you go from here? Who would you like to fight next?
How did you get into mma?
What did you do for work before mma?
What opportunities has mma opened for you?

From: theimmortal
1. In some ways yes other ways no
2. I did prepare for a 5 rounder. The first half of the question would take a novel to explain lol
3. Heal up first then think about it
4. Signed up one day cuz it looked like fun.
5. I grew up working in a machine shop. My dad owned one.
6. That list may be endless. Not really sure yet though because I only focus on mma

Malvert the Janitor
What is your stance on men shaving their body hair? I'm talking about those chest and arm shaving, leg hair trimming narcissists who bic their buddy's back. Are they, in fact, man-chicks who've lost all semblance of masculinity? Should they be trusted around small children?

From: theimmortal
Fuck em

What's it like to be a fuckin' badass?

From: theimmortal
I'm married, so it's the same as being not badass

Sizes being equal etc, who do you think your top 3 matchups in any weight class would be?

From: theimmortal
Demetrious Johnson vs Cain Velasquez
That's the only one. Would be epic imo

Ever been in street fight as an adult? If yes details please.

From: theimmortal
Yes. Many. Not in the past 5-6 years though. The last street fight I was in a guy I knew was hitting on a girl I was with and I called him out on it. He was really drunk. I tried to leave with the girl and he crept up behind me with a gravel rake. He hit me with it, but most of the sharper “rake” part missed, they just got my arm. I turned around got the rake from him beat him to the ground and poked the handle of the gravel rake into his back as he was in fetal position. I didn't use the rake side at all. We made up a few days later and I ditched the girl.

Matt!! You are my top favorite fighters of all time and your story inspires me as a recovering alcoholic/addict. I read in an interview that you rehabbed yourself?? are you not in a program? work any steps? I've also read you can still drink a bit on occasion. doing what you're doing we call whiteknuckling it in the program. how did you deal with the obsession of using? is it present today? how about dealing with your thoughts and emotions in sobriety?? you're an awesome fighter and have a fucking legit personality I think bro. it'd be a dream of mine to meet you someday. I been peepin your fights since you kicked Jeremy May in the face. any input you might have to my questions would be greatly appreciated. thanks bro for takin time out for the fans and puttin on dope fights.

From: theimmortal
I did rehab myself. Never did any programs willingly (only court ordered). Once I found fighting I devoted my life to it. The obsession went from drinking and partying to training and fighting. Dealing with thoughts and emotions is just a matter of making a conscious choice to be strong. Set a goal and be prepared to die for that goal. PEriod.

Who's your favourite fighter ever and why?

From: theimmortal
Chavez Sr.
Dude was a fucking badass. What else can I say?

How much do you weigh right now?
Who are a few of your fav guitarists?
Fedor vs brock, who wins?

From: theimmortal
Metal: Dimebag, Max Cavalera, Pepper Keenan, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads and Trey Azgagoth (sp?, Morbid Angel guitarist)
Other: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jonny Lang, Gary Clarke Jr, David Gilmour

VinegarStrokes – Matt what's your favorite post fight meal?

From: theimmortal
Meat lovers pizza… Lots of it

Winston Wol
Who are some of your favorite fighters to watch and athletes in other sports as well? thank you

From: theimmortal
Gennady Golovkin, Jordan Burroughs, Kyle Dake,
I only watch combat sports these are my favorite 3 to watch off the top of my head

Is there anyone you would like to rematch that you previously lost too?
Who was the strongest fighter you have faced?
How much longer do you think you will be fighting?
How did you develop/perfect this relentless muay thai pressure style?

From: theimmortal
1. No I don't believe in rematches necessarily. I had my chance like he did.
2. John Howard
3. Long time I hope
4. Training I guess. Tough to answer

What you listening to music wise

From: theimmortal
Down, Black Label Society, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, and for some reaon been getting into old country like Waylon, Cash, Kentucky Headhunters, etc

What's your favorite strike to throw in a fight? Also, what's your best memory of fighting in the UFC so far?

From: theimmortal
Elbow…. My kids coming in the octagon after a big win close to home

Where do you want to fight before you hang em up?
Dream fight?
Favourite combo?

From: theimmortal
The places are all the same
For the belt
Left elbow, right elbow, left elbow, right elbow

Matt, what do you think you do differently training wise than other fighters that allows you to set such a high pace and break your opponents?

From: theimmortal
Just about everything, literally. I don't really want to give away all my secrets tho lol

tornadochoke – After being on TUF would you coach a season?

From: theimmortal
Yes love to

Tenor still 10ing
1. Your life story is amazing and very inspirational. If I write the screenplay of your life, will you help me turn it into a Hollywood blockbuster hit film?
2. What would be your first few changes to the UFC if Dana gave you his job?

From: theimmortal
1. Sure
2. Less rules. Less shows. Less production. More fighting. I think they do an excellent job though and if I was president it would have never become popular or even legal most likely

Is there a current UFC fighter that inspires you most and who you are trying to emulate aspects of their game? Dillishaw's footwork for instance?
Do you watch most of the UFC cards?

From: theimmortal
Demetrious Johnson
I can't miss one I go crazy

What's your initial thoughts on a gamelan to beat Hendricks? Who do you think will win the rematch with Lawler/Hendricks? Do you think GSP will come back? What weight do you walk around at?

From: theimmortal
1. Punch him before he punches me
2. Lawler
3. No
4. 190

What fight do you consider your best performance where everything just clicked physically and mentally?

From: theimmortal
Haven't had it yet!

Since you are sober what do you do as a suppliment? Addicted to coffee, gum, meditation, reading, etc?

From: theimmortal
Fighting. I don't do much coffee. I read a lot. I meditate a lot.

Top three favorite places you've fought?

From: theimmortal
Columbus Ohio
Cincinnati Ohio

Are you a Browns fan?

From: theimmortal
Not a big team sports fan, I have met some Bengals guys that were fans though so I'm a Bengals fan now

Would you wear a UG shirt to your next weigh in or walk out that had superCalo's user avatar on it? We can make it for you and have it sent to you! Shane Carwin did it for us a few years back. Who is your favorite UGer? Do you lurk often?

From: theimmortal
Gotta pay me bruh
I look at the front page news on the app daily. Occasionally look thru the forum depending on what news is happening.

Tenor still 10ing
1. Dana and the Fertittas have gone on record and said there will never be a fighter's union due to the individual nature of the sport. Do you agree?
2. Do you think weigh-ins that are held on the same day of the fight would be healthier for the fighters?
3. If Zuffa paid you a million dollars to fight Cain Valesquez and Junior Dos Santos at the same time, would you do it? And what's your fight prediction? 🙂

From: theimmorta
1. I agree
2. No
3. I'd do it for less. And get ktfo'd

What are your thoughts on Weidman styllistically? Will he beat Anderson and Jones on the all time list?

From: theimmortal
I think Jones is the best we've ever seen. Gotta see a couple more fights before we start predicting him to be in the realm of Jones and Anderson. Definitely possible though

What's your favorite movie and band?

From: theimmortal
Wierd coincidence… Never thought of that before

Fuckin badass, I've seen them live a couple times. What are some of your other favorite bands?

From: theimmortal
In terms of metal/hard rock: Down, Black Label Society, Avenged Sevenfold, Soulfly, Sepultura, Trivium off the top of my head

How excited were you to fight hardy? That fight would've been incredible in my opinion. What were your thoughts on him as an opponent?

From: theimmortal
Excited is the wrong way to describe fight preparation. I have no real thoughts on him honestly. I never got to the point of really studying him

Whats your diet normally like? you eat whatever in the off season or you eat healthy all year round?

From: theimmortal
I take one week after each fight and eat anything and everything. I eat healthy all other times. My diet is basic. Just keep it basic as possible. Nothing fancy, nothing that a caveman couldn't make but npt paleo either

Matt, I understand the question of what you've done differently recently to improve your game is off limits, but I want to ask you something related.
It seems like you've always had that narrow gaze of determination. A single focus that puts your opponent in your sights for destruction. That hasn't changed and it's what I've always loved about you, many other fans as well I'm sure.
My question is; have you always had the same level of confidence in your abilities, or has your confidence in yourself increased lately? I feel like you always knew you were a killer, but now your body has caught up. Which is fan-fucking-tastic by the way!

From: theimmortal
Interesting question. I never doubt myself that I can accomplish something. I never have. But I also can be realistic and see that the chances are sometimnes low. I think my confidence has grown in the sense that at times when even my chances are low I believe that I can push through it. That is a blessing and a curse to have that confidence.

Ive always been a big supporter of yours, but you sir just earned yourself a die hard fan for life!
Thanks for taking the time to do this! I rarely post but jumped at the chance to ask you a few stupid ?s. Thanks for answering man.
btw my top 2 fav guitarists are Dime & SRV.. pretty sure we just became best friends…
Almost forgot. My chick wants to know, cats or dogs?

From: theimmortal
As a proud owner of a German Shepherd. No cats allowed on my property. I actually really like cats though.

I have deferred my question to my wife and she asks this: “Of the countries you've visited, which is your favorite, and why?”

From: theimmortal
Still America… Am I visiting the wrong countries or is America that good?

The question most nerds want to know: Is Matt Brown a Star Trek or Star Wars fanboy?

From: theimmortal
Thought they were the same

What has been your toughest fight to date and why?

From: theimmortal
James Wilks… My father passed away during training camp. I was jet lagged like crazy in the fight. Had a tough weight cut. He hit me good a few times. He hurt me somewhere I forget now that hurt like hell. The mental was the toughest part of that fight though

Were there any crazy incidents from the fight me prank that maybe didn't make the video?
Did you get any coin from all the YouTube views it's gotten?

From: theimmortal
Yeah we pranked a cop. He about shit his pants. Wish that would have made it.
No coin. Never expected it.

Does any of the press stuff annoy you? I get it's part of the job and all, but it has to just feel redundant at some point, no?

From: theimmortal
The vast majority of it annoys me, yes. That's part of the motivation for doing my own podcast. to do my own press

I noticed when Lawlor threw his straight lefts or looping left shots you did some kind of headducking deal. Was that by design or was he tagging you & you were letting him the top of your head to not get clipped on the chin?
Also I thinked you rocked Lawlor so bad in the first he lost all steam in the 2nd & got a lot more respectful of your power. Which leads me to believe you were super facking close to him. Did it feel like that to you?

From: theimmortal
I def wasn't letting him tag me lol he is Robbie Lawler for christs sake…
Can't say for sure. Wish I could answer better

Your trips in the clinch are NASTY. Any vids you could post or tips on these?

From: theimmortal
I don't know of any vids off the top of my head. I learned it in the trenches. It's something I wouldn't mind doing an instructional on at some point. I just don't want my opponents to know it lol

From: theimmortal

OK UG thanks for all the questions and be sure to check out my podcast Legit Man Shit we have teamed up with The Great MMA Debate so check them out too!

Also be sure to check out Immortal Combat Equipment in the near future we will be producing weighted wheelbarrows, sleds, sledgehammers, etc with the martial artist in mind.

Thanks again have a great night and FUCK THE UG!

The Mongoose
Matt — will you be staying in Syracuse to keep training at pacific??
We all hope so!!

From: theimmortal
This one I will answer now. An emphatic NO. The owner of the gym, Bob Natoli, worked out a sponsor deal with me but hasn't paid a dime. This is the first sponsor of my life to not pay. I will not be returning there. Ever.