The Jack Brown interview: Reggie Warren

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

his is the seventh in my series of interviews with MMA fighters and personalities.  For this particular interview, I take you down South, into the wild world of “certified badass,” Reggie Warren Jr.  If you’re not familiar with this often boastful, yet sensitive, fighter and musician, perhaps you should head to YouTube or and check out some of his colorful declarations.  Please enjoy our conversation below.

Jack Brown: I’ve done a lot of background research for this interview, Reggie, but I’m still a bit confused about your martial arts training.  How would you best describe your fighting style?

Reggie Warren Jr: The bare-knuckle Street meets Bruce Lee meets Shamrock ankle locks meets Royce Gracie choke-holds meets Hackney tiger claws and Harold Howard flip kicks.

JB: I know that you’ve had your share of fights, but what do you do to prepare for an opponent?

RWJ: If you fill the mug with Busch Light, the mug is filled with Busch light.  If you pour the can of Mountain Dew over your girlfriend’s mother’s head, her hair becomes the Mountain Dew.  If you empty a can of Copenhagen in your lip, the lip becomes Copenhagen and saliva.  Is my theory and concept going right over your head?  This is how I prepare for my next opponent.

JB: You don’t seem to have much regard for the fighters in the UFC.  Which fighters do you think you could finish in the first round and by what techniques?

RWJ: How bout I just start with all the champions?
Demetrius Johnson- Blow him a kiss(wind knockout with psychological warfare).
Dominick Cruz- Let him run in circles and make himself dizzy for 4.5 minutes…then hit him directly in solar plexus with 2-inch Bruce Lee punch.
Jose Aldo- Stand up straight like Tong Po and check his leg kicks.  The result is similar to Corey Hill, but the skin is also severed in half.
Ben Henderson- Jump spinning ridge-hand in between his teeth so the toothpick comes out of his cheek bone.
GSP- Hammer fist to his temple…he cant take that blow.
Anderson Silva- I ain’t telling this one.
Jon Jones- Most likely catch one of his kicks and deliver a downward elbow strike to his fibula bone.
Cain Valasquez- Simple.  Kicks, punches, and knees to the body.  Mexicans have trouble taking ’em.

JB: Who are the MMA fighters out there that you actually do respect and what have they done to earn your approval?

RWJ: Most are retired.  They fought with less rules and didn’t mind breaking their hands throwing hammer fists and ridge-hand strikes or uppercutting someone in the balls.  They would fight without a mouthpiece and eye-gouge or fishhook when the ref wasn’t looking.  I respect that.

JB: I was there at UFC 124, when you were cornering Sean McCorkle.  What’s the deal with that guy?

RWJ: Sean called me and offered 50K to come corner him.  I had never met him before, but he was a fan of my teaching style and legacy on The Underground.  Once I realized Sean couldn’t squash a spoiled peach with one of his punches, I told him there was only one way to win…he would have to rip this guy’s arm off with a Royce Gracie Japanese Kimura hold.  We practiced the move over and over for 48 hours straight, but I made a big mistake back in the locker room before we walked out.  Sean asked me to get him pumped up and slap him in the face with my palm.  I didn’t even think about the fact that I had been trained by George Dillman and as soon as I laid my hand on him, he went to sleep!  This was just a few minutes before entering the arena to like 25K fans chanting my name.  Sean remembered the arm lock, but he didn’t remember to actually yank it off the tall guy with the big lips…so McCorkle wound up getting his ass beat.  I never spoke to him again after that or even admitted being in his corner. I was ashamed and disgraced.

JB: There’s been a lot of talk lately about PEDs in MMA.  What are your thoughts about the topic and have you taken any banned substances?

RJW: I hate pedophiles just as much as pussy steroid users!  I’ll fight them both to the death!

JB: Who have been the biggest influences on your life thus far?

RWJ: My Uncle Phil, Cindy, Daniel Larusso, Frank Dux, Royce Gracie, Keith Hackney, George Dillman, and Bo Jackson.

JB: What are the latest developments in your musical career?

RWJ: Well, my second album on iTunes titled “Rock & Secret Love Songs” is selling even better than my first!  All the songs with just me and the keyboard are the best sellers.  My fans really enjoy my love songs for Cindy and my no apologies style.  At the end of every song on my latest album, I put in a short sound bit from my YouTube videos.  I was approached by Tommy Mottola about taking my music to the next level, but I ain’t gonna be a damn sellout pussy just to make a few million bucks.  I like being poor and feel more comfortable like this.  I’m probably one of the highest profiting musicians in the world because each of my albums only cost a few hundred bucks to make and I’ve already made thousands of dollars from them.

JB: I hate to gossip, but I heard that while you were at UFC 156, your girlfriend, Cindy, was spotted spending time with a certain high profile UFC fighter.  What do you have to say about that?

RWJ: Impossible!  I locked her in the hotel room just like Robert Plant used to do with teenage girls back in the day when that was legal.

JB: Last question, Reggie, and I really appreciate your valuable time.  This one’s a bit personal.  Though I’ve done a lot of different martial arts myself, there are still times when my confidence wavers.  For example, when I’m at a UFC event, and everyone else has a cool T-shirt on, I just don’t feel like I measure up.  Which of your exclusive line of Reggie Warren Jr. T-shirts should I wear to feel like a certified badass?

RWJ: That’s a great question and don’t feel pressured by all those pussys in TapouT and Affliction shirts.  Those guys wearing those shirts are worse fighters than Joe Son.  I have a shirt that represents not only verbal warfare before entering a fight, but also physical action.  It has a simple phrase on it that will scare the living shit out of 99.9% of the population. This is what it says: “Have you ever heard of Royce Gracie mane?”

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