The Janitor: I’d like to fight Lil Nog, Tito, or Stephan Bonnar

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

From: The Janitor
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MillhouseMMA – Sick KO, did not see that one coming. Who do you want to fight next?

I have never chosen an oppenant.  But everyone knows that I would like to square up with Tito or get a rubber match with Lil Nog.  Lil Nog and I share a fighting history together.  Which is something special.  Our past is filled with respect, admiration, and some very strong battles.  I thought we would be able to write our final chapter together in Rio in August.  But, unfortunately, that will not happen.  The fans lost on that one.  But, hopefully, one day soon.  He is a great fighter, and I know we would put on a great show for everyone.

Stephan Bonner would also be a fun match-up for the fans.

At the end of the day, anyone that Joe Silva wants to see me fight.

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