The Rock: What Lesnar did was ‘epic and historic’

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The UFC has recently been releasing videos hyping it's new online service 'Fight Pass.' This week they are hyping the release of the complete Brock Lesnar collection, which is coming along with exclusive interviews discussing the UFC career of 'The Beast' with The Rock, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, and Jim Ross.

In his interview, 'The Rock' believes that Brock Lesnar accomplished more than any other heavyweight in history ever has in that short a time-period. Agree, disagree?

From college wrestler to pro wrestler to UFC champion, it was a pretty amazing run, and Lesnar's pal Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — who is also a big MMA fan — says that if not for diverticulitis, the former heavyweight king might still be on top of the sport, reigning over everyone with an iron fist.

“I don't know if anybody will ever accomplish what he's accomplished in the heavyweight division in that short amount of time,” Johnson said. “Had it not been for the unfortunate issue he had to deal with his stomach, who knows what could have happened if he continued to train, and continued to hone in on his skills. What he did was epic and historic.”

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