The difficulty of being Miesha Tate’s boyfriend

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Bryan Caraway is a solid UFC bantamweight fighter and tonight picked up a good win in a fight he was considered the underdog. The pressure of fighting and winning in one thing, but Caraway deals with another issue that most fighters don't: being the boyfriend of one of the sport's most popular women fighters.

“It takes a lot of patience to be with somebody as famous as Miesha, a beautiful girl like that,” Caraway said Thursday at UFC Fight Night media day at EXPO New Mexico. “You've gotta have some cojones. Try to live a day in my shoes, it is hard, to deal with all that stuff and brush it off your shoulder and to keep rolling. I've learned to embrace that. All that hate is fuel. It's because I'm doing well.”

It's true, he is. And Caraway has a chance to elevate himself further in the rankings against No. 12 Erik Perez at UFC Fight Night on Saturday here at Tingley Coliseum. He's living his dream by fighting in the UFC, which only a small percentage of MMA fighters actually get to do. And he's dating an attractive, successful woman who happens to be one of the hottest 100 females on the planet per Maxim.

With that latter part, though, comes jealousy. A lot of it. Tate's fans — and MMA fans, in general — are male. Most don't like Caraway because he's with her and they aren't.

“They expect to see her with like GSP,” Caraway said. “Not even him probably. They want to see her with like Brad Pitt.”

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