The entire story of fighter banned after manslaughter conviction

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Dan McGuane kept waiting for his past to catch up with him again. He knew it would. He just didn’t know when, or how, or exactly what would happen when it tapped him on the shoulder once more, reminding him that it had always been right behind him, waiting for the right moment to step up and pull him back to the summer night in 2005 when he and his twin brother killed a man in the streets of Ayer, Mass.

He’d been waiting ever since he first got the call, the one that came through while he was on vacation in Maine. It was his manager, Bill Murphy, saying he had an offer from Bellator. They wanted McGuane to fight a light heavyweight named Mike Mucitelli in Rhode Island in November. Mucitelli was 3-0 as a pro, the same as McGuane. McGuane hadn’t fought in more than a year, but this seemed too good to pass up. Bellator would be the biggest organization he’d ever fought in by far. An undercard fight there seemed within arm’s reach of the big time. He took the fight right away.

It was a week or so later, when he and his manager were ironing out the details of the contract, that he had to go through the familiar dance of telling a prospective employer about his felony conviction for involuntary manslaughter and the five years he’d spent in prison for it.

“I’m always honest about it,” the 28-year-old McGuane told ( “I let everybody know even before I go to a gym or start training with somebody new, because I don’t want them to be uncomfortable with it.”

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