The night GSP ogled Cindy Crawford, mid fight

Thursday, November 15, 2012

GSP sat down with Dave Deibert for a quick Q&A, ahead of his UFC welterweight championship unifying fight vs. interim champion Carlos Condit at UFC 154 on Satruday, live on PPV from Montreal, Canada.

The interview covered Moveber (‘I am not a ‘airy guy”), last movie that made him cry (it was about a dead dog and came out when he was five), most famous person on his speed dial (it is JCVD, his dream fight, in Blood Sport), and stange things in the cage.

Dave Deibert: Have you ever been in the cage and your mind just wanders off?

Georges St-Pierre: One time I was fighting against BJ Penn. I had his back against the fence. I’m not kidding you, for a few seconds I look and I was staring at a beautiful woman in the audience. It was … uh … (snaps fingers) Cindy Crawford. I stared at her. I’m thinking, ‘My God, she’s so beautiful. And she’s looking at me.’ And just next to her, I see her husband looking at me and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. I can’t look at her. Her husband’s looking at me.’ Now I’m thinking, ‘Of course, they’re looking at me. I’m doing the show right now and I’m in the middle of the fight.’ So I’m like, ‘Go back to your focus’ (laughs).

Sometimes when you fight, people don’t understand — you have to fight to really understand it — time comes slow. All these thoughts come in your mind in maybe one second, but all these thoughts cross your mind in that one second. Then you go back to normal speed. It’s kind of weird.

In Rocky, he has the slowdown — baaang, when he gets punched. This thing really happened. In a fight, the way it is, it’s very special. When you’re in a very stressful moment, like a surviving mode, stuff like that happens. It’s crazy. People don’t really believe it but it’s actually true. You can ask any other fighter. It does happen.

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Crawford is a bonafide MMA fan, with the boob signed by Matt Hughes to prove it.