The night MVA tried karate on Wanderlei Silva

Friday, August 10, 2012

FUEL TV’s Legends Roundtable recently featured Mark Coleman, who reminisced about the night Mike Van Arsdale fought Wanderlei Silva, on 23 August 1998 at International Vale Tudo Championship 6: The Challenge.

“The Brazilian knew a little oil on the legs is gonna slow down the wrestlers,” said Coleman. “So Van Arsdale has me go check on Wanderlei Silva. We got into the locker room and I pull the curtains back and he’s oiling his legs up right in front of me. I say ‘What the heck!?!’ And Wanderlei Silva doesn’t speak much English at the time, he says “Coleman! Coleman! It’s a fight, man! It’s a fight!” I said ‘Yeah, but you can’t do that!’”

“And I had to go across the ring and take a towel and wipe Wanderlei Silva’s legs off with a towel which is worthless because it ain’t gonna do nothing. But I had to do it because we figured out who Wanderlei Silva was real quick that night. Van Arsdale was throwing these side karate kicks, he was working with a karate guy, and I was like ‘I dunno if you really wanna do that.’ And he did it, but next thing you know, he got plowed and kicked in the head and the fight was over.”

Mike Van Arsdale vs. Wanderlei Silva
Coleman wipes off the legs at 1:25 mark.
Fight starts at 3:37 mark.
Karate starts at 5:01 mark.
MVA ends at 10:36 mark.