The truth about making weight

Friday, April 22, 2011

When Mike Dolce’s cell phone buzzes with an unfamiliar number a few days before a major MMA event, he already knows what’s coming.

Dolce’s primary work is as a nutritionist, managing the day-to-day food intake of pro athletes with precision focus. But the creator of “The Dolce Diet” is also known to be something of an expert at temporary weight-cutting, and a last minute call to Dolce means that somewhere, some fighter is panicking.

“I get phone calls the week of, or the night before weigh-ins sometimes,” Dolce said. “I’ve taken same- day requests. I’ve gotten there on the day of the weigh-ins, got in there and gotten it done. I’m able to work a little magic then, but if they’re calling me at that point, they already screwed up.”

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