Three of Pat Cummins four fights to date

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pat Cummins is a two-time All American wrestler who gave Daniel Cormier fits in the wrestling gym. Earlier this week when Rashad Evans injured his knee and was forced to drop out of a fight little more than a week away, the UFC decided to postpone the fight.

However, Cormier was deeply disappointed at the loss of the fight, and Evans knee turned out to be worse that anticipated. Few UFC fighters would take a fight so big on such short notice and when fans started clamoring for the UFC to bring in Cummins, he was whisked out of the drive in window at the coffee shop where he worked, and was in a UFC co-main event at UFC 170.

Cummins has had four fights to date, three of which are on tape. They don't last long so it won't take too long to go through his entire career!

05/18/2013 vs. Willie Smalls, Sparta Combat League: CHAOS

03/16/2013 vs. Ricky Pulu, Xplode Fight Series – Revancha

01/21/2011 vs. Tasi Edwards, ProElite: Da Spyder vs Minowaman

12/04/2010 vs. Terrell Brown, St. Louis: Henderson vs. Sobral 2