Tiger Muay Thai & MMA in Thailand debuts scholarship program

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From: eiuwrestler174
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I’d like to announce the 2013 Athlete Scholarship Program, from Tiger Muay Thai and MMA, in Phuket, Thailand.

Thailand has long been a mecca for striking training, and over the last few years there has been an influx of MMA and BJJ knowledge. Tiger Muay Thai has led the way, in that regard.

With new coaches and a new philosophy, Tiger would like to present 5 athletes a 1-year training scholarship.

This will include the gift of training and food, plus a housing stipend. Athletes will choose their own accommodation (budget, 5-star, or anywhere in between). The scholarship simply offers a stipend to subsidise this cost.

Athletes are merely expected to follow team training guidelines and adhere to a code of conduct. Neither are extreme, and would be found in any professional environment (work or school).

We DO NOT want to sign athletes to management contracts. We do not want a % of fight purses. We do not expect you to live in Phuket for the entire year — in fact, please go home and see your family, your coaches, take a fight in your home state/country, and maybe even take a seasonal job and put money in your savings account.

We offer 5 scholarships. We will not invite 100 people to the Nov. 23 – 24 TRYOUT, as that would not be economical. We do not want to have people “waste” their time or $$$, hence we have an application process.

Qualified applicants will receive an invitation. Please fill out the application as thoroughly as possible, to give us the best information with which to assess…

Best wishes,
Brian Ebersole
Tiger Muay Thai Fighter Try Out Application Form

Please fill out the following to the best of your ability and attach a headshot. Email your application to our Director of Marketing and Communications, Natasha Horrelt at natasha@tigermuaythai.com before Oct. 22th.
Full name:
Fighter nickname:
Date of birth:
Height & weight:
Contact Details:
Current Training Gym:
Fight record:
Amateur record:
Professional record:
Summary of Training Experience:
Summary of Fighting Experience:
Please list any links to your record:
Please list any links to YouTube videos of fights or highlight reels:
What marketing efforts have you made to further your fight career (Facebook, Twitter, etc)?:
What Would This Opportunity Mean to You?:

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