Tim Kennedy apparently UFC bound

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another fighter is moving from Strikeforce to the UFC.

Earlier today Tim Kennedy added Ultimate Fighting Championship to his list of employers on his facebook profile. Alone that could potentially just be a reference to Zuffa owning Strikeforce. However, UFC.com just added a profile for the Green beret war hero and combatives black belt, so it appears that the move of top talent from Strikeforce to the UFC continues.

While no firm plans have been announced for Strikeforce, it appears that the option of maintaining it as a legitimate competitor to the UFC has long passed. The possibility of maintaining it as a regional show has been raised in the past, but the transfer over of Cung Le, a huge local draw, would seem to indicate that that option is dimming. With Showtime unwilling to make a prompt commitment, it appears increasingly possible that in the not too distant future, the organization will go the way of Pride and the WFA, and simply cease operation.