Tom Lawlor pays tribute to Genki Sudo at UFC on Fuel weigh-in

Monday, May 14, 2012

‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor is as well-known for his out of the octagon antics as for his in the cage victories. Lawlor has pleased fans at the weigh-in events with tributes to Dan Severn, Steven Seagal, Art Jimmerson, among others. Lawlor has also entertained fans as he enters the arena to fight, with walkouts ranging from an Apollo Creed tribute to entering dancing along to Olivia Newton John’s ‘Let’s get physical”.

Lawlor is fighting this Tuesday at the UFC on Fuel 3 event in Fairfax, VA against Jason MacDonald and at today’s weigh-in the antics would continue. Lawlor came to the stage wearing a white mask, a KFC bucket as a hat, and a jet back on his back. To a lot of fans, it may have just been wierd, but to hardcore fans it was apparent that Lawlor was paying tribute to former UFC lightweight and PRIDE star Genki Sudo who entered a bout in a similar costume.

Lawlor has continued to entertain the fans and the walk out on Tuesday should be no different, but make no mistake Lawlor is all business in the cage.