Tony Halme dies at 47

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Former Member of Parliament Tony Halme has died at the age of 47. Police told YLE that no foul play is suspected in his death. Police would not yet confirm the time, or cause of death. The late-edition tabloid Iltalehti reported in its online edition that Halme was found dead at home.

Halme, a professional boxer by training, achieved local fame on the Finnish version of the Gladiators television franchise. He pro wrestled under his real name with New Japan Pro Wrestling as a headliner in the early 90s, and as Ludvig Borga for WWF in the mid-90s. He held a 1-4 record in Mixed Martial Arts, including a 57 second loss via choke against Randy Couture, in Couture’s first-ever MMA bout on May 30, 1997.

He was notorious for his outspoken opinions, served for one term as a Member of Parliament of the populist True Finns party, after winning a landslide of personal votes in the Parliamentary elections of 2003. In his campaign he put a special emphasis on opposition to more immigration.

Later in 2003 he was hospitalised following an incident in which he had fired a pistol in his Helsinki apartment, apparently while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The incident brought him a suspended prison sentence and a fine.

In October last year he was arrested for driving while under the influence of illegal drugs. Charges were still pending in the incident when he died.

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