Tony Lopez enshrines self in MMA Hall of Shame

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez has won the King of the Cage title in three divisions, but was on a four fight losing streak when he faced Andenilson Clementino at KOTC: Split Decision.

While he got the win, he trashed his reputation, which previously had not included this kind of conduct.

The good ending to a fight is hammerfist, choke, tapout. Lopez reversed the order, starting with a tapout, he continued the choke, and then hammerfisted his opponent. Like most things in life, say ready fire aim, or accelerating at a red light, he was wrong.

Gifs courtesy of CagePotato

In a post fight interview with MMA Prime’s Aaron Tru, Lopez offered an explanation.

“He’s in the back mad-dogging my wife,” said Lopez. “My wife is just walking by, and he’s mad-dogging her, like he’s going to fight her. So he’s disrespecting me right then and there. So going in, it’s a lot more personal. So, yeah, I want to make him pay.

“Second round, I go try to pay him back, but he’s too busy hugging me and trying to survive. So it irritated me more, so that’s what happened.”

“It’s a fight first. People say it’s a sport, but it’s a violent sport, and I’m here to show the violent part of it.”

Lopez may not be showing any part of mixed martial arts any time soon – he has been suspended indefinitely by the California State Athletic Commission, and will be ordered to attend a CSAC meeting to explain himself on October 7 in Los Angeles.

A spectator live tweeting from the arena asked reasonably why no mention was made of it by KOTC.

Fight_Ghost ‏@Fight_Ghost
•Disgusting, criminal behavior by Tony Lopez at KOTC event tonight. Held a lengthy RNC after the tap, then punched his opponent in the face!
•Referee is a huge pussy. Should be a DQ and fine. But, alas, it’s ghetto ass KOTC.
•Then the god damn interviewer tells him “great fight tonight!” What the f—!
•I can’t believe what I am watching. Guy conducted the entire post fight interview, and didn’t bring up the illegal shots.
•Disappointing from KOTC staff & ref. He was awarded victory, with zero mention of illegal behavior in post fight interview.
•Ref Mike Beltran allowed Tony Lopez to get away with a very dangerous, lengthy RNC choke after the tap and post fight PUNCH to face. NO DQ.
•You could barely hear Joe Stevenson interviewing Tony Lopez post fight at KOTC. Crowd was booing LOUDLY and furious about the illegal blows.

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