Top 5 MMA instructor teams in Asia

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ten years ago the top 5 MMA gyms in Asia would have all been located in Japan. At present JMMA has fallen so far that on Yahoo Asia’s top 5 list of instructor teams, Japan makes just a single appearance. Meanwhile, Phuket, Thailand has two.

#1 – Evolve MMA – Singapore
Evolve MMA has arguably the most decorated team of trainers anywhere in the martial arts world.  From Lumpinee Muay Thai world champions to WBA boxing champions to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Mundials winners to NCAA Division I wrestlers and US Olympic wrestlers, Evolve MMA has dozens of world champions for each and every discipline of MMA.

#2 – Tiger Muay Thai – Thailand
Tiger Muay Thai is a popular martial arts tourist destination and hundreds of visitors arrive every month to spend some time in tropical Phuket. The MMA program is very well respected and is jointly headed up by current UFC welterweight Brian Ebersole and Bellator, UFC and ONE FC veteran Roger Huerta. BJJ black belt Fernando Maccachero is in charge of the grappling while unsurprisingly, given its location, TMT has some top Muay Thai trainers.

#3 – Krazy Bee – Japan
Krazy Bee was founded by Japanese MMA pioneer Kid Yamamoto, a UFC veteran who is famous for winning the K-1 Heroes lightweight Grand Prix in 2005. Cristiano Carioca, a BJJ black belt and Brazilian champion, has helped found a strong wrestling and grappling program at the Tokyo based camp.

#4 – X’ian Sports University – China
Zhao Xue Jun is one of the best regarded Sanda coaches in China and an MMA pioneer who has been sending his students to compete in events since Art of War. With some of the best Sanda fighters in the country Xian’s fighters all have massive striking experience.

#5 – Phuket Top Team
Phuket Top Team has rapidly established a reputation as one of the top fight camps in Asia with a team that competes in promotions including ONE FC and Bellator. The BJJ program is headed up by black belt Olavu Abreu.  The Leone brothers, Andrew and Anthony, are active mixed martial artists with Andrew competing for ONE FC and Anthony in Bellator.

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What do you think of the list UG? What teams would you add, and how would you order them? AND, what is the url for X’ian Sports University’s MMA program, anyway?