Trainer: Belfort is good, Anderson is better

Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you helping Anderson for his bout with Belfort? How the champion is doing for this next fight?

Luis Carlos Dórea: Anderson is doing just fine, he’s dedicating himself fulltime. He’s much disciplined, he’s doing each step of the trainings at a time. He’s trained for it, and that’s why he’s the best currently. It’ll be a great fight. The whole team is to be congratulates, everybody is working hard for it. He’ll get there very fast and strong.

As a Boxing expert, how do you analyze Vitor’s game against Anderson?

Luis Carlos Dórea: I’ve trained Vitor, I like him, he has a privileged technical condition, but Anderson is on a better moment. He has fought five-round-fights many times and he’s technically pretty good too, he has the power on his hands. It’ll be the fight of the century, and the good thing is that both athletes are Brazilians. Vitor has a great technique, but Anderson’s a phenomenon. He can punch you walking forwards of backwards, when he’s defending himself or counter attacking. Vitor is talented on Boxing, but Anderson is better conditioned than him.

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