Trainer: GSP may retire after Hendricks fight

Friday, October 11, 2013

January will mark Georges St-Pierre’s 10th year in the UFC. 10 years in MMA is truly remarkable; ten years in the UFC, continuously fighting the best on earth is staggering. And it may be coming to a close.

GSP’s head trainer Firas Zahabi appeared on the Canadian TV show TVA Sportsand said St-Pierre may be done after he fights Johny Hendricks on Nov. 16, 2013 at UFC 167 in Las Vegas, Nevada, live on PPV.

A little over a month from the long-awaited duel against the American Johny Hendricks, the Quebecois is considering retirement.

At least that is what his coach, Firas Zahabi, is saying.

“George told me … If he still has the motivation for another training camp, he will continue. Otherwise, he will retire, ” said Firas Thursday. “Motivation is the most important thing. When you do not have it, you have nothing. Georges is motivated for this camp. He trains well.”

“We need to train every day, do not go out and do not do things you love. Train all day long, it is not easy, it’s really something. It takes a special mind to do MMA. “

“This is the first time he will face a fighter with such a large strike force,” said Zahabi. “Often, a guy who hits like Hendricks has no endurance. This is often one or the other.

“But it will not be easy for him to do five rounds against George. That will be his first time.”

“This will be the 12th time he tries to win or defend a world title. His mind is there and it has a lot of experience.”

Zahabi estimated that GSP is “90% ready” for the fight.

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