Trainer wants Anderson to beat Jones, retire

Friday, May 17, 2013

The good news is Anderson Silva finally signed a 10-fight contract with the UFC. The bad news is, Anderson Sillva is 38, and has been fighting since his teens.

In an interview with Tatame, Silva’s trainer Rogério Camõess want Silva to beat Weidman 4th of July weekend, then beat Jon Jones in New York City, and retire.

“The biggest challenge would be Jones,” said Camõess. “First the natural question of size difference. In his division, Anderson has the advantage of size, but Jon Jones has even more… He has the same power as Anderson…”

“He is very reserved in his choices. When he decides he will fight, he calls me, Ramon Lemos, and Distak ,and asks if we think he should fight. But first, the decision is his. He never talked to me about it, I never said any name…. He has a work ethic off the charts.”

“After this fight against Chris Weidman, perhaps he will fight Jones in New York, and we will prepare for it. We never chose fighter. But I would like to see this fight against Jones yes. I think Anderson deserves to end up being called the best fighter ever.”

“I want to see this as his last fight career – he wins and retires. ”

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How about it UG? Would two more winning fights and then retirement make Anderson Silva the undipsute GOAT?