Transgender MMA fighter Fox: I’m actually at a disadvantage

Monday, May 20, 2013

Last month the MMA media was a buzz discussing the fact that a transgendered athlete, Fallon Fox, was actively competing against women in professional mixed martial arts. Fox, born a male, had sex reassignment surgery and has been competing against females despite starting her amateur career against males. Most detractors argue that her unique situation gives her an advantage against her competition, but she actual argues the opposite:

“I’m actually at a disadvantage,” Fox said on a recent edition of Inside MMA. “Before the surgery, I started on hormone replacement surgery, back in 2002, 2003.”

She continues the hormone treatments to this day.

“I have to. If I don’t take estrogen hormone replacement therapy, I can get osteoporosis,” she continued. “So any of the women I’m competing against, my testosterone levels are drastically lower than theirs; it’s almost nothing.”

Dr. Marci Bowers, a gender reassignment surgeon who has also undergone the procedure, concurred.

“If you measure (Fox’s) endurance and her strength, it’s actually that of a comparable woman of the same age,” Bowers told Inside MMA. “What happens is after surgery patients actually regress in that their bone density drops to what a comparable woman of her size would be.

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