Twitter bicker: Pettis vs. The Punk

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis fights Gilbert Melendez following a stint as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter. UFC lightweight contender Josh “The Punk” Thomson is recovering from hand surgery for injuries sustained vs. Benson Henderson in Jan.

However, although a fight between the pair is not imminent, the two never the less got in a Twitter bicker last night.

Norms @ItsNorms
@Showtimepettis he is hiding from @THEREALPUNK thats what's up.

Anthony Pettis @Showtimepettis
@ItsNorms @THEREALPUNK for sure I hate getting paid!!! Lol

@Showtimepettis @ItsNorms i'll see ya soon lil guy.

Anthony Pettis @Showtimepettis
@THEREALPUNK when I come back running thru the whole top ten, hopefully ur still around!

@Showtimepettis I like you, but you had your chance to fight me and you pulled out. So don't act tough now behind your keyboard kid.

TAP NAP SNAP ‏@Tap_Nap_Snap 
@THEREALPUNK @Showtimepettis Whatever happened to the days of shut up and fight? We as MMA fans miss the older schooled fighters!

Josh Thomson ‏@THEREALPUNK  
@Tap_Nap_Snap @Showtimepettis because NO ONE cared about mma before the Fertitta's bought the #ufc

TAP NAP SNAP ‏@Tap_Nap_Snap  
@THEREALPUNK @Showtimepettis Not entirely true. #noholdsbarred was the shit. Eventually the top guys will fight each other #notalkneeded

Here is another way to go about it.

Brad Pickett @One_Punch
Hey @Unclecreepymma you think you might be fit to fight for the 31th May in Berlin or 19th July in Ireland ? #unfinishedbusiness

Ian McCall @Unclecreepymma
@One_Punch ya I should be good by then. I'm fragile lately so don't wanna make any promises haha

So what do you think UG? Is pre fight trash talk on Twitter a necessary part of the landscape now?