Twitter reacts to Chael Sonnen’s retirement

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chael Sonnen has retired from fighting, following a failed surprise drug test administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

“I had a great time,” said Sonnen on FOX Sports 1′s “UFC Tonight” on Wednesday. Tell the truth, so did we.

And then Twitter reacted.

 UFC @ufc
@sonnench announces his retirement on @UFCTonight

UFC Tonight @UFCTonight
Chael Sonnen, welcome to your retirement

Bigslow ‏@LukeBarnatt
Sad to say goodbye to the man with the greatest charms & the biggest arms in @ufc BUT Congratulations to Mr & Mrs @sonnench #BabyGangster

Vinny Magalhaes @VinnyMMA
earned more $ from UFC than most champs, including current champs. Has a job @ FOX, Retired as a TOP 10. Loser, huh?

MiddleEasy ‏@MiddleEasy
Remember June 11th 2014, the day MMA became utterly boring without Chael Sonnen.

Nick the Tooth ‏@nickthetooth
Chael lays down his sword… adieu, brother! // the greatest shit-talker since Ali //

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted
Chael announced that he has retired from MMA. The UFC said his retirement speech was so good it warrants an immediate title shot.

Benson Henderson ‏@BensonHenderson
•Just heard about @sonnench, loved watching u compete n ur style, the game won't be the same w/o u…God bless to u n ur fam…
•Hey how about this for ur 2nd career @sonnench, ghost-writer for all the @ufc fighters??? Can u imagine?!?!?!

 Joe Lauzon @JoeLauzon
It's a sad day. @sonnench retired.

malki kawa ‏@malkikawa
Sad day today for the sport with news of Chael sonnen retiring. He showed us all how to sell fights.

 Kelvin Gastelum @KelvinGastelum
It's ok!! The Bad guys aren't going anywhere. #teamdarkside will live through @UriahHallMMA and myself!

 Josh Gross @yay_yee
If Sonnen is done in the cage, he sure had a hell of a run. From milquetoast to super star. Quite the ride. Doubt he stops making noise.

Damon Martin ‏@DamonMartin
•About Chael Sonnen- I'm disappointed in the way he handled the positive drug test so I'm not shocked by the choice he opted to make today…
•That said – on a personal and professional level, Chael Sonnen has always been one of the nicest, most genuine people I've ever met…
•Often imitated, never duplicated, Chael Sonnen truly is one of a kind.

Dave Doyle ‏@davedoylemma
•On my timeline, for everyone 1 person saying “good riddance” to Chael, there are about 10 saying they're really going to miss him.
•i think that's in large part Chael's personality, but also indication your average MMA fan doesn't care all that much about testing.

 Mookie Alexander ‏@mookiealexander
Sonnen has set a standard for self-promotion that only Conor McGregor has the personality and capability to meet.

 Renzo_Gracie_BJJ ‏@RenzoGracieBJJ
A real man has his right to choose his life's path. May life bless him I'm a fan

fighters_union ‏@fighters_union
There is no place for #cheaters like @sonnench in MMA! @fighters_union will tackle #doping all the way.

So…how much is @danawhite gonna pay @Cowboycerrone to fight in Chael's place this weekend?
 Cowboy Cerrone @Cowboycerrone
Ill do it for free

 Wanderlei Silva @wandfc
How run? Retired? After say all this shits about me,we need make this fight

Anton Tabuena ‏@antontabuena
He has done a lot in his career, but @sonnench's legacy is yet to be written. He's one of the few who can really succeed even after fighting

Las Vegas Fight Shop ‏@LVFightShop
What do you guys think? Should Chael P join Evolution or The Shield? Maybe The Authority..

Ben Fowlkes ‏@benfowlkesMMA
I never believe any fighter will until he's gone at least two years.

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted
Chael Sonnen just announced that he was “Just playing”