Twitter reacts to Diaz’s TKO of Maynard

Sunday, December 01, 2013

The best part of Twitter is that it allows people to post their immediate thoughts when a big event occurs. In MMA, it’s great to see the immediate reaction of fighters to their peers, especially after a big knockout.

Scott Jorgensen: WOOW!!!! Congrats Nate phenomenal

TJ Grant: Wow! Could have been stopped a bit earlier maybe.

Jens Pulver: @NateDiaz209 sweet lord son, that was incredible.

Dan Hardy: There were far too many unnecessary punches then.

Urijah Faber: Damn homie!! @ufc

Cole Miller: That’s my fuckin boy @NateDiaz209 @DiazBrothers209 @GilbertMelendez @nickdiaz209 looking serious. Congrats homies!!!

Joe Lauzon: Wayyyy late stoppage. Unreal showing by Nate! #UFC #MMA #TUFFinale

This is of course just a sampling of reactions from some fighters, but two things stand out. One, it was definitely an impressive performance, and two, a lot of fighters felt that referee should have stepped in earlier.

Refereeing is a thanksless job and when your doing your job, nobody notices, and in the event you make a mistake, everyone jumps on you. The Diaz vs. Maynard fight was one of those situations that you can see both ways. Maynard was absorbing hard shots on his feet, and was obviously dazed, but he was never put to the ground. As a ref, a punch that puts you on the ground is easy to judge as it happens, but being out of your feet is a tough situation and likely had the referee stepped in earlier there would be complaining the other way.

Regardless of how you feel about the refeering in the bout, the unanimous feel across Twitter was that it was an amazing performance by Nate Diaz.