Twitter reacts to Johnson’s win

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Demetrious Johson has solidified his dominance of the flyweight division, tonight defeating the tough Ali Bagautinov. Johnson put on an impressive five round fight, winning all five rounds and now has all five of the top ranked fighters in the division.

Twitter has become the best way to get an immediate reaction from fight fans, the media, and fighters themselves. What did Twitter have to say tonight about Demetrious Johnson?

@KarynBryant: Time for one of the most under-appreciated fighters to go to work: @MightyMouseUFC takes on Bagautinov right now #UFC174

@benFowlkesMMA: Joe Rogan would have us believe that DJ is owning Ali Bags through two, but I wouldn't be surprised if the judges had it closer than that.

@GrossiMMA: The speed Mighty Mouse has is impossible to train for and it's clear in his fights. #UFC174

@MMASupremacy: Cant recall last time a crowd was this disinterested for a PPV main event as it is right now. Random boos, cheers, screams here & there #ufc

@TJ_Grant: I got it 3 rnds to 0. Bag looks unsure of himself. Johnson is a beast.

@jordanbreen: People are legit streaming out of the building to brave the pouring rain. Lower bowl has been cut in half since the main event started.

@BigFootSilva: Wowwwwwww awesome fight…

@NotoriousNewell: Wow @MightyMouseUFC is such a beast. Great technique, conditioning & athleticism.

@DaveDoyleMMA: If you don't appreciate Demetrious Johnson you might want to watch something besides MMA.

@TheDKano: Flyweights shouldn't headline any Pay-Per-View card. Ever. Demetrious Johnson wins by unanimous decision. #UFC174 #TVMix @TVmixUSA

@FightersOnly: Nothing to do with the fight, but could somebody PLEASE shut that howling banshee in the crowd up??!!! #UFC174

@TommyToeHold: Someone is being murdered in the crowd. #UFC174

@ZacyFunSize: Do I have anything derogatory to say about the Champ? Yeah… He's great…@MightyMouseUFC #Rocky2 #UFC174

@billthebutcher2: MMA fans fall in love with any number of douchey, overrated fighters, but overlook the greatness of Mighty Mouse Johnson. Ridiculous #UFC174

@Majik916: According to @UFC, screaming lady is Demetrius Johnson's wife. =X @MightyWife #UFC174 @BricksnBullets