Twitter reacts to Werdum’s domination of Browne

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fabricio Werdum was impressive in dominating Travis Browne over five rounds and earning a decisive win and shot at the heavyweight title.

Werdum used an impressive arsenal of strikes and took Browne down four times, who previously had never been taken down in the UFC.

It's always great to see what other UFC fighters think of one guys performance, and there is no better way to than to scour twitter during and after a big fight:

@MannyGamburyan: Wow what a fucking round

@JonnyBones: Heavyweights throwing wheel kicks now!? #UFConFOX11

@KennyFlorian: This fight tho… (thumbs up) #UFConFOX #WerdumvsBrowne

?@ChrisLeben: This a good fight!!!!!

@BrianStann: Man Werdum looks great despite the layoff, completely negating Browne's reach advantage

@BrendanSchaub: Wow…@FabricioWerdum looked amazing!  Dominate performance @UFCONFOX

@JoeLauzon: I’m a big Travis Browne fan but that was all Werdum. I’m impressed by how he landed the better punches the entire fight. #UFConFOX