Twitter reacts to epic Matt Brown vs. Erik Silva fight

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Matt Brown and Erik Silva waged one of the best fights in recent history and maybe one of the best first rounds in the history of the sport.

It's always great to see what other UFC fighters think of a fight or performance, and there is no better way to than to scour twitter during and after a big fight. In this particular case, Twitter went nuts reacting to the first round and fight:

@danawhite: Holy shit!!!!! Put on @foxsports1

@dc_mma: @IamTheImmortal is the man! My goodness what a fight! Gets u so excited! He broke him!

@cowboycerrone: How are you @ufc main even with a 3:00 gas tank?   What the Fuck people

@sergiopettis: Holy shit that first round alone deserves a fight of the night bonus !!! @ufc #UFCFightNight

@aaronsimpson: Just became a Matt Brown fan. Wow. Always liked his style, but that was the best I've seen him. @ufc

@tj_grant: Amazing amazing amazing. Matt Brown is all man.

@cungLe185: @IamTheImmortal is a beast! Man on fire! @ufc @UFCTonight

@FuryJury: I love a great street fight and Matt Brown is good for one every time he fights. Huge heart! He needs to be on every @ufc! #UFCFightNight