UFC 154 wild gif gallery

Monday, November 19, 2012

They say you never know what is going to happen in mixed martial arts. UFC 154 was no exception, and these are the gifs to prove it.

Ivan Menjivar celebrates ripping off Azamat Gashimov’s arm and beating him over the head with the bloody stump of it.

Matt Riddle’s non NCAA approved defense to John Maguire’s single leg.

Ralph Macchio in the VIP Section. He has NOT aged very well.

Oh Canada.

Johny Hendricks doing the Cabbage Patch.

Pablo Garza’s unique set up for a low kick on Mark Hominick.

Tom Lawlor seeks revenge on behalf of nerds everywhere.

Hellbows Italian style.

Somebody forgot to tell Anderson Silva what mo it is.

GSP demos the other Brazilian martial art.

How close? So close.

Second fancy move attempt was not so successful.

Super man.

The Passion of the Condit.

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