UFC 158 complete odds: GSP 4-1, Condit near even

Thursday, March 14, 2013

UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz
Saturday, 16 March 2013
Bell Centre
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET)
Champ Georges St-Pierre (-450) vs. Nick Diaz (+350) – welterweight title fight
Carlos Condit (110) vs. Johny Hendricks (-140)
Jake Ellenberger (-170) vs. Nate Marquardt (+140)
Chris Camozzi (-105) vs. Nick Ring (-125)
Colin Fletcher (+225) vs. Mike Ricci (-285)

Patrick Cote (-180) vs. Bobby Voelker (+160)
Antonio Carvalho (190) vs. Darren Elkins (-230)
Jordan Mein (-250) vs. Dan Miller (+200)
Daron Cruickshank (-185) vs. John Makdessi (+160)

PRELIM CARD (Facebook, 6:35 p.m. ET)
Quinn Mulhern (+320) vs. Rick Story (-400)
TJ Dillashaw (-550) vs. Issei Tamura (+425)
Reuben Duran (-140) vs. George Roop (+110)

How Fight Odds Work

Unlike a spread on a football game where one team is getting a certain amount of points (ex. Saints +7), in MMA fights the line on the game is what’s called a money line.
Vitor Belfort +500
Jon Jones -800

In this fight, Jones would be the favorite and at -800 it means for every $8.00 you bet, you will win $1 if he wins the fight.  So if you bet $800 on Jones and he wins, you’d profit $100. If Jones were to lose though, you’d lose the full $800.

If you were to bet on Belfort at +500, you would win $5.00 for every $1 you bet. So if you bet $100 on Belfort and he wins the fight, you will profit $500. If Belfort were to lose the fight, you’d lose your original $100 bet.

Depending on how people are betting on the fights, the odds will shift from the moment they open up right up until the night of the fight.