UFC 158 press conference recap and replay

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The UFC 158 press conference will stream live on the UG today, Wednesday, at 10:00 a.m. UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and challenger Nick Diaz are expected to discuss their main event fight Saturday night.

The first question on everyone’s mind is naturally “will Nick Diaz show?”

The official UFC Twitter account confirmed that the Diaz brothers showed up in Monteal Tuesday night.

 UFCVerified ‏@ufc
Look who made it to Montreal for tomorrow’s press conference with GSP

This is the third time Nick Diaz and GSP were scheduled to fight. The pair were matched at UFC 137, but Diaz was removed from the lucrative title fight after failing to meet media duties. The bout was rescheduled for UFC 143, but GSP suffered a knee injury.

Let’s hope the third time is a charm.

If Diaz doesn’t show, UFC president Dana White may have the means for a last minute reshuffling, as the card features six world-class welterweights, ready to fight. In addition to the title fight, Carlos Condit fights Rory MacDonald and Johny Hendricks fights Jake Ellenberger with the #1 contender spot on the line.

Nick Diaz discusses showing at the press conference.

“If it’s straight up, it’s straight up. I didn’t make it to the last press conference. It wasn’t very professional on my part. I just was ready to fight, was ready to go to the fight and fight. I thought that was the important part and I had to learn my lesson. I’m ready to fight.”

“It’s not so bad once you’re here but I’d rather not do it. I’ll survive but it’s a little close to the fight to take off from home for me. It’s fine to be here.”

“I don’t feel like I’ve ever been able to make it 100 percent leading up to a fight. All my fights these past few years have been back to back. I don’t feel like I’ve ever been completely healed up before I started training for a fight. I have guys in training camp preparing for fights so I’ve been their main training partner. It’s nice to heal up for a little while, take a step back and have a look and see what’s what. That’s what it’s been like for me.”

“It’s not like I had people calling me out left and right. It’s not like I could take a break and ask Dana to have a year long vacation. I’ve never known what it’s like to take pictures, have happy time, meet the fans. I always worried about my next fight, whether I’ll win it, who’s next, I’ve done all that for a cool minute.”

“I didn’t think I’d be getting this fight. I figured they’d probably stick me back with some hard fights and I’d have to work my way back into the fights I wanted and the things I wanted in life. I said I needed time to seek things out but I’m a fighter. If you put the right fight, I’m gonna keep fighting. I’m just taking it one fight at a time.”

“I’ve been training to fight Matt Hughes since I was 18 years old. Training to fight a wrestler is the most common opponent you can get. As far as training with wrestlers, I’ve got some of the best wrestlers. Jake Shields is always around and my wrestling coach and teammate Casey Strand always has different wrestlers in and out. He was a wrestling champion and I’ve got good coaches. I don’t think that’s the most important aspect for me. Just having a real consistent type of training. We’ve always been a jiu-jitsu school with wrestlers coming in and out. We’ve had a gi-less class since early 2001. It’s just a different type of Gracie academy. We’re kind of like the first type of Gracie academy that started with an amount of wrestlers and that’s for the most part, all the guys that fight on my team were wrestlers first other than me.”

Georges St. Pierre: “Ronda Rousey says I’m a good looking guy. That’s very flattering because she’s beautiful.”

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