UFC 159: One weird night

Monday, April 29, 2013

“We’ve done four fights in the last four weeks all over the country, all over the world,” said UFC president Dana White.  “I always say every weekend you put on a fight, it’s not going to be the greatest show you’ve ever done.  These guys came out, they fought hard tonight.  Yeah, it was a weird night.”

It was weird when Alan Belcher’s foot wraps were cut off by officials as his name was being announced. The removal of the wraps was resumably at the direction of Michael Bisping (in NJ, use of ankle wraps is at discretion of opponent).

The demonic noises that popped up a couple of times was really weird:

And then there were the injuries.

Yancy Medeiros thumb dislocated.

Jon Jones toe turned upside down in the main event. If a ref had spotted the toe (Joe Rogan noticed it first), the fight could have ended in the first round, with a new light heavyweight champion.

Ovince St. Preux poked Gian Villante’s eye, and referee Kevin Mulhall deteremined it was accidental so it went to the score cards, where St. Preux won a majority decision.

“I didn’t feel like I poked him,” said St. Preux afterwards. “I got poked too.”

Michael Bisping’s accidental eye poke of Alan Belcher stopped the fight, sending it to the cards and sending Belcher to the hospital. Again, the offending fighter won a decision.

Alan Belcher has twice had surgery to repair a detached retina in his right eye.

Some have called for a redesign of the MMA gloves to prevent eye injuries, but it can’t be done. No glove that allows grabbing can be designed so that eye pokes are impossible, and no glove can be used in MMA that prevents grabblng.

At the post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White was asked about a different glove.

“Like what, put finger tips on them?” asked White. “I don’t know. Let’s say we had gloves with fingers on them, you could still poke people in the eyes with them. In boxing back in the 70’s people used to get thumbed in the eye all the time.”

The responsibility for eye pokes lies not with the glove design, it lies with the fighter poking the other fighter in the eye.

There may need to be a refinement of the definition under the Unified Rules of what constitutes an eye poke. If you try to strike a fighter, and your fingers drive into his eye, regardless of whether you consciously tried to gouge his eye or not, it may be determined that you gouged the eye, and forfeit the bout. Fighters have responsibilites in the ring, and one of them is to not gouge the other fighter’s eye, whether you mean to or not.

The weird night is starting tor resolve.

Jones got his toe back intact.

Belcher got stitches, but apparently suffered no lasting damage.

“I’m ok.. Just got back from e.r. 8 stitches in eyelid,” tweeted Belcher. “Disappointed. To my real supporters, I’m sorry, thank you once again.”

And while the glove issue may take a while to resolve, at least the satanic voice issue may be solved.

I now realize what the demon voices were last night:
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This just came clear into my mind.. There were some losers (chains and piercings all over kind of shit) sitting up in section 8 right above an entrance tunnel. I noticed there was a microhone there and it was been duct taped up. A little while later i saw those morons playing with the microphone on the pole. They were tapping on it and talking into it. Shortly after that, security had came over and moved the group as well as duct taped the microphone back to the railings. Honestly that had to be that.. Especially if the noises stopped 3/4s into main.