UFC instituting time restrictions on interim belts

Monday, October 07, 2013

Sometimes the UFC champion is injured and severly enough to force them out of action for a considerable time. In this case the UFC will often institute an interim title bout, such as was the case with Dominick Cruz. Renan Barao won the interim bantamweight title and has now defended it twice while Cruz has set out for almost two years. UFC President Dana White revealed today that he intends to introduce term limits whereby if the champion doesn’t return, the interim champ will become the undisputed division champion:

“We have thought about it, and we will do it,” White said on Monday. “We’re probably going to do that soon.”

“This is one of those situations where, Dominick Cruz is a good kid,” White said. “He’s a great champion. He was supposed to fight Urijah Faber at the end of that season of The Ultimate Fighter. He’s a champion, he gets a piece of pay-per-view. That fight was supposed to be on the Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen card, which was a home run for him. It’s literally a lottery ticket.

“It’s a combination of me feeling really bad for him, and him being such a good person. … Do I think we let it play out too long? Maybe. But if I look at who the champion is, then I say no. I feel bad for the kid.”

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