UGer on MMA-themed Cake Boss episode

Monday, August 22, 2011

On 11/16/09, a UGer altered the MMA world to a momentous occurence – Cake Boss was doing a show on a cage fighting cake.

Turn on TLC right now (Cake Boss)
From: Kneeblock
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These gindaloons are making a “cage fighter” cake and they’re going to have a wrestling match between a kid who wrestled in high school and a big fat guy.

(3:00 mark)

(0:25 mark)

The thread popped up years later, and the groom explained how it came to be.


From:In Limbo
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oh wow was hoping no one caught wind of this…but that was me in the “cage fighting cake” episode lol


From: Chris
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I’m very confused by that cake. It’s an Octagon, but Pride FC logos. And why Sherdog logos every where?

From: In Limbo
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first off, none of the logos appeared on the show as they weren’t allowed to show them…they couldn’t even use the term UFC/vault/mma/mixed martial arts and had to call it “cage fighting” for some reason

i gave them a figurine of Big Nog as well as some shots of him in the pride ring…these pics were from the sherdog website…i guess the cake makers jsut made logos out of anything they saw in the pics and made a mish mosh on the resulting cake, they had no idea what was what

From: fabes
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That cake is awful. Rush job I’m guessing?
*spits on Sherdog*

From: In Limbo
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the fondant started melting in the sun, and the figurines were made by Buddy, it was his first time ever making human figurines himself…..they looked like they had thyroid problems

the cake tasted great even a year later on our anniversary…

From: Porkchop
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Is that your wedding cake? I wasn’t able to catch the episode. Say Yes to the Dress is on.

From: In Limbo
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it was my “groom’s cake”, we had a regular wedding cake

the venue we got married in has a contract with Carlo’s Bakery to do all the wedding cakes…my wife inquired about an MMA related cake and Buddy thought it would be a good idea to pitch to the producers…..

they filmed me receiving the cake literally 45 minutes before we walked down the aisle….this was on a hot sunny august day after a couple hours of taking pictures and getting also took the guys a good 25 minutes to place the mic perfectly in my tie knot….i hate being in front of the camera and i was hot … “Acting skills” were on hilarious display