Uncle Creepy reads The Fighter’s Poem

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ian McCall and Joseph Benavidez fought their hearts out at UFC 156, but when Benavidez heard his friend was going through hard times in his personal life, he wrote him a poem.


Blood and sweat, sometimes tears,
Battered hands, countless fears,
Highest highs, lowest lows,
Shattered dreams, the hurt just grows.

Your smile shields the pain you hide,
All the while you’re dead inside;
Your faith is absent, your will gives out,
Now clear your mind, erase the doubt.

Everything that you have gave,
To feel self worth, that’s all you crave;
The world stage, this is your role,
You break your heart, you sell your soul.

Stay the course, endure the pain,
You were born to entertain…

-Joseph Benavidez