Uriah Hall: ‘Oh $#!^ what have I done?’

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

“You’re a contender, kid,” said Chael Sonnen. “For the title.”

Uriah Hall has two spectacular knockouts in as many bouts on The Ultimate Fighter 17, this time with a straight right that left opponent Bubba McDaniel with three fractures.

Hall advances to the semifinals to meet Dylan Andrews, and is the favorite to become the TUF 17 champion.

 Bubba McDaniel relates what happened on the other side of the highlight reel.

“They say I have three breaks in my face,” related McDaniel. “The flooring of my orbital is broke, the shelf on the inside of my nose is broke, and something to do with the septum…” 

Uriah Hall ‏@UriahHallMMA
@BubbaTheMenace hey bro I know peeps are sayin some harsh stuff they cant understand what it was like in the house keep ur head up bro

Bubba McDaniel ‏@BubbaTheMenace
@UriahHallMMA thanks man, they are truely in the dark on alot of things… your a good dude too man. I am glad to know you