Useless raffling off UFC on FOX 4 fight shorts for charity

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Win my fight shorts!

From: useless 
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hey guys to make a long story short one of my friends has cancer and he doesn’t have insurance so Im going to raffle off my fight shorts to help pay him his treatments. thanks for all the support you guys have given me throughout the years.

Our good friend Rob Mooberry has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It is in his colon, bladder, and lymph nodes. It is a very agressive cancer, and we could use a few extra prayers as we go down this rough road ahead. Those of you who know Rob, know he is a very loving, giving, and compassionate person. He recently met an amazing girl to share all these things with; such a power couple they will go hand in hand fighting this battle.

This Moo/Mu team not only need our prayers, but could also use some help financially, as Rob is a seasonal employee, which does not offer insurance. This makes for not only the obvious emotional stress but a financial stress as well. Please help my dear friends Rob Mooberry and Amanda Mutchler win this battle!!!