Velasquez: Getting the win back the most important

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Throughout his athletic career, Velasquez hasn’t had to taste defeat often, but it’s definitely not a flavor he enjoys. He gained All-American honors as a wrestler at Arizona State, but didn’t capture an NCAA title.

That was the last time Velasquez lost anything up until his fight with dos Santos last year. So facing the man that handed him that defeat is of special importance to Velasquez, who is excited to regain the UFC heavyweight belt, but even more importantly he gets the chance to erase the memory of that last fight.

“Getting the win back,” Velasquez answered when asked what’s more important in this fight. “And just knowing that you beat the best guys out there to achieve the belt.”

“I could be my best, 100-percent and I could still not win the fight,” said Velasquez. “But me knowing that I did everything I could, and that when the bell rings I’m going to do that with a purpose.

“I’m going to punch with a purpose, look for different stuff in the stand up, if it goes to the ground do my best down there. Keep doing all that stuff.”

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