Vera irate over Stann commentary, tweets ‘F@$% you… b!^$#’

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Brian Stann recently retired from fighting, and is finding work for FOX Sports as a commentator for both MMA and football. Stann received generally quite positive reviews for his color commentating at UFC 163, with one exception – the usually affable Brandon Vera.

Vera is teammates with Phil Davis at Alliance MMA, and took pointed exception to Stann’s commentary during the fight with Lyoto Machida. In his UFC debut back in 2010, Davis beat Stann by unanimous decision, and Vera believed that led to biased commentary on the fight.

Brandon Vera ‏@Verafied
@philmrwonderful super awesome job boss…!!!!! U are the man!!! F— you @brianstann learn how to be an unbiased commentator b—-. Don’t ?#‎hate? cuz he beat Ur ass too!!

Vera then got into it with a fan.

Sam M ‏@SamM30311
@Verafied @PhilMrWonderful @BrianStann shut up you irrelevant c—

Brandon Vera ‏@Verafied
@SamM30311 don’t hate cuz I beat up your girls c—

Sam M ‏@SamM30311
@Verafied that’s probably the only thing you would of beat for a while

Vera later offered Stann an apology of sorts, again via Twitter.

Brandon Vera ‏@Verafied
@BrianStann tho my opinion remains the same my choice of words shoulda been better. For my words I apologize.

While most observers clearly thought Machida won the fight, many did not, including all three judges. It can be frustrating to hear a commentator call it like he sees it against a teammate, but Vera needlessly crossed the line, muddying rather than clarifying a complex situation.