Video surfaces of Uriah Hall scuffle with Mayhem over racial epithet

Monday, October 28, 2013

Jason “Mayhem” Miller was a tremendous talent in MMA, but in the end may be known more for unfortunate out of cage behavior. Miller has been arrested multiple times for domestic violence, was arrested naked in a church after defacing it, instigated the infamous Strikeforce Brawl that  sent the promotion into a descent it never recovered from, among other instances of anti-social behavior.

In the latest incident, Miller apparently taunted UFC fighter and TUF runner up Uriah Hall with a racial epithet, and was swatted for his trouble. The scuffle reportedly took place in front of California’s Commerce Casino, following BAMMA USA: Bad Beat.

Gracie Magazine’s Erik Fontanez first reported on the exchange via Twitter.

 Erik Fontanez ‏@Erik_Fontanez
•I just witnessed Uriah Hall & Mayhem Miller scuffle.
•Mayhem called Hall a “bitch ass ni**a.” Hall threw a punch.
•Hall is pacing the front of the Commerce Casino, surrounded by security. He looks heated.
•Cell phone died when I was updating about the Hall-Mayhem thing. Craziness at the Commerce.
•Miller and Hall got into it at a local MMA show. Miller had choice words, Hall threw a punch. It was bonkers.

Miller also tweeted after the incident.

????IW W?H?∀W @mayhemmiller
•U can talk to me
•U know I got it
•I’ll do anything you want.
•I’m into destiny.
•It’s fun being Mayhem.
•When you owe someone your life, things change.
•Ran out of gas right where I taught the boy how to ride a bike. Irony.
•Moon is there. I know. Goodnight.
•Pursuit of happiness.
•It seems to me that I must play the “bad guy” insomuch as that is the narrative that everyone is writing for me. Truth is, I’m full of love.
•Some guy got in my face, I punked him, he threw, I slipped it.

The Clinch Report offered a more detailed accounting, via Facebook and press release.

“While awaiting a photo op at Bamma USA, several celebrities and fighters began making their way into the cage for photos,” reported Clinch. “At some point, Uriah Hall and Jason Mayhem Miller began a heated confrontation. I was literally right next to Hall. By now a bunch of fans had surrounded, and the commission, MMA Interviews Spencer Lazara, a few security guards and myself began creating distance between the two. When more guards arrived, Mayhem leaned in and called Uriah a “Bitch ass N^GGA!” at least 6 times. Each one more venomous, each one more taunting, and flinching at Uriah with his head. After the sixth racist line, Uriah who can easily say Miller was acting aggressive and belligerent, responded to one of Millers movements with a glancing Right hand, that did make contact!

“Uriah was beside himself. He had every right to be angry. I really Hope the UFC doesn’t suspend Uriah Hall, he was put into a corner by a complete lunatic, one that I can say I was a huge fan of, but not anymore. Jason Mayhem Miller has decided to remain relevant by hating on those who actually are! Very disappointing. I am actually filled with mixed emotions, because again Mayhem is obviously at rock bottom. In fact, he is just Jason Miller, his rascal-like Mayhem, is long gone. In its place, all that is left is a bitter, ex jock, who is burning every bridge he comes across. He will not be allowed back at Bamma USA. And this comes straight from the top!

More details still were provided via press release.

“While awaitng the main event, several fighters and celebs were called into the cage for a photo op with Brett,” said Clinch Report’s Jonathan King. “I was by the back with the Commision. Mayhem and Uriah were surrounded by a scrum, and it looked like good hearted shit talking, but it turned nasty quick!

“More security rushed in to separate but by now there was a bunch of people around with Iphones out, so basically a few journalists and a few security guards tried to separate them.

“When more help arrived, Mayhem started leaning in, kind of like flinching with his head, and kept repeating “Your a Bitch Ass Nigga!” at least 6 times, each time with added taunting. When he leaned in for a 7th, Hall hit him with a right hand! Didnt catch him flush, but left a noticeable welt.

“I then with Jose from Bamma walked Uriah to the elevator, where he was still looking for Mayhem. He was heated and rightfully so! Security and Jackie Denkin were able to calm Uriah down before he left. When we left Mayhem was at the bar, drunk, spilling his beer. Surrounded by marks. It was a very sad day, Disgusting behavior by Mayhem, I hope Uriah doesnt get in trouble. Please if you do write about this, remember Uriah was trying to be calm, and there was no where to go, he had a wall of people behind him.

“He was wrong for punching him, but Mayhem was acting aggressive.

“I was on Uriah Hall’s left shoulder the entire time. There is no mistaking the words, im sure it will be on youtube! But not by me. Disgusting!”

Now a video has surfaced of the incident.

Miller’s conduct easily crossed California’s legal threshhold for fighting words. There should be no repurcussions against Hall for taking a poke at someone who called him a “Nigga” seven times.

Hall fights Chris Leben at UFC 168 in December, with his contract on the line.

Jason Miller was long a valued and lively if eccentric presence in the sport. In recent years he has slipped into a darker state, and clearly needs professional help.