Vinny Magalhaes picks Chael Sonnen to beat Jon Jones at UFC 159 on 4/27

Friday, February 15, 2013

Vinny Magalhaes recently appeared on Radio for a wide-ranging interview that included UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones vs. Vinny’s close friend and training partner Chael Sonnen.

“People are used to seeing Chael talking and losing in title fights to Anderson Silva but I don’t think people realize that Anderson is a totally different animal than Jon Jones,” said Magalhaes. “I think Anderson is a much better fighter than Jon Jones and Jon hasn’t been tested off his back and that’s exactly where Chael is going to be able to put him.

“I think Chael takes a decision in that fight, it’s a tough fight but I don’t see it as a mismatch like most people think it is. People just don’t get it and are like ‘oh well you know Chael hasn’t won a fight at light heavyweight in years and even when he fought at light heavyweight he lost’ and all this stuff but styles make matches.

“Even though Anderson beat him both times, Chael’s style was perfect for him to beat Anderson and I think he’s also got the perfect style to beat Jones. He’s not going to be looking to trade punches, Chael is going to be looking to fight on the inside which could present some problems for Jones and I think Chael is more than capable of taking him down.

“I don’t think Jones has the capability of submitting Chael off his back, not that he’s not good there but he’s not as good as Anderson is to be able to do that and it took Anderson five rounds to do it. Even when Anderson submitted him, from my point of view it was more of a mistake of Chael’s than Anderson being great on the ground. I won’t get as far to say that Chael finishes Jon but I definitely think he wins a decision.”

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