Vitor: Mousasi hasn’t earned right to fight Belfort

Monday, July 01, 2013

Former DREAM and Strikeforce champion Gegard “Dream Catcher” Mousasi has called out Vitor Belfort several times lately, but the Brazilian isn’t having any.

“If you want to fight Vitor Belfort, you have to earn it,” said Vitor Belfort. “It’s just like if you want to play someone in the quarter or semi finals – you cannot just because you won something a long time ago. No, you have to earn your spot.

“I don’t like it how people are using Twitter trying [to get opponents]. I want to fight for the belt — that’s my goal. That’s the goal of a fighter, that’s the goal of an athlete in the UFC. That’s the goal of Vitor Belfort — I’m a winner, I’m a champion. That’s what I want, that’s what I’m fighting for. I’ve been proving, I’ve been earning, so the only thing I see next for me is fights that will bring me up…

“This is division [is full] of great athletes. If Mousasi wants to fight someone, go fight Luke Rockhold, go fight Michael Bisping. He has to prove himself, that’s how it is in this sport, you have to earn it. If you want something, earn it, and I did.”

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Thanks to MMA Mania for the transcription