Volkmann fighting for bonus, not ‘fat turds’ on the Net

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

NCAA Div I wrestler-turned-UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann takes on Shane Roller this Friday night at UFC on FX 5 in front of a hometown crowd at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. The two were originally set to meet at UFC 151, but when Jones turned down a short-notice fight against replacement Chael Sonnen, the entire event was cancelled and Volkmann vs. Roller was moved back a month later.

With Volkmann coming into the fight on the heels of a first-round submission loss to Paul Sass, and with Roller having lost three of his last four, this very well could be a must-win fight for both fighters to remain in the UFC.

“It is a must win,” Volkmann told theScore.com. “I don’t know about getting cut, but because I have bills to pay.”

“I’ve been in the hospital with my son and it’s going to be a large expense,” the 32-year old said. “He had a bout with asthma and we had to take him into the E.R. to spend the night.”

Volkmann said that the cancelled event cost him a lot of money, and as the father of three children who went back to school this past month, not getting his show money when he thought he was going to get it has hurt him financially.

“I still plan on pickpocketing Jon Jones and taking the money I lost on my fight,” Volkmann said.

“The irritating part is that I spent money on plane tickets. I bought two corner’s plane tickets, and now I have to do another month of training for this fight.”

“I don’t know if I’d call it an extended training camp,” he said of the extra month. “It’s more like two training camps put together. I had to gain my weight back because I was pretty close to weight just before September.”

“It better be exciting. I think it’s going to be exciting,” he said of the fight with Roller. “I don’t understand why people say my fights are boring. It’s just a different style. People don’t understand the technical style and then other people don’t like my fights and write on the Internet and it really frustrates me. People that understand fighting, that understand there’s technique behind what I’m doing, they’re the ones who think the fights are exciting.

“You know there’s some fat turds out there having his heyday because he has a forum and wants to write some bad stuff about me, but he doesn’t understand the sport. I really don’t care about those guys.”

“The goal is to get on top of Roller and try to control him from the top position. I’ve got the d’arce choke, armbars, kimuras, and plenty of submissions. Obviously there’s pressure (to finish) because there’s the post-fight bonuses they give out, so it’d be nice to get a little bonus.”

“Well, anything’s possible,” he said of a knockout. “Um… I feel comfortable on my feet so yeah it’s possible that I knock him out.

“The goal is not to stay standing but we’ll see what happens. The goal is to stay on the ground, try to frustrate him, and try to get him on the defense. His endurance, I’m assuming just from watching him in the past, is not the greatest, so I’m gonna try and wear him out.”

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