WSoF cancellation report refuted

Friday, March 22, 2013

BloodyElbow’s Brent Brookhouse reported that the WSoF Saturday has bigger problems than a late weigh in. According to Brookhouse…

…there are major issues that may prevent the WSoF from taking place.

The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board had not approved the WSOF cage for the event by late Friday evening. There are issues with both the corner posts and the canvas that are holding things up.

WSOF will apparently be borrowing ring pads from a local promoter and has a canvas being flown in from Las Vegas. The main issue is that if the canvas does not correctly fit the cage floor, it could lead to a situation where the cage will not be cleared which would almost certainly lead to the cancellation of the event.

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New Jersey State Athletic Control Board Counsel Nick Lembo said that the cage had not yet been approved, and would be inspected tomorrow.

“The cage still needs to gain approval, has not yet,” said Lembo. “New canvas to be flown in, and new post pads. Will check out tomorrow. Cage must still be inspected and gain approval after noted deficiencies are addressed.”

Given that the WSoF inaugural show was a success, with all the attendant issues that have to overcome at any show of that size, there is every expectation that the cage issues will be overcome. In fact, Ariel Helwani is reporting via Twitter that Exec Vice President & Match Maker for WSoF says “the show is 100% on.”

There is now official confirmation that the show is indeed on as scheduled.